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3h c16 philmeyering
I have really enjoyed the story so far! I feel that I connect with Chief and Miranda's pov easier than Shepherd and most of the ME characters. This brings their characters to stark focus, but it's sometimes feels imbalanced. I really like your story and I'm looking forward to your next chapter.
1/25 c16 62Kurogane7
Sorry Tali; you and the Admiralty are out of luck if you think all the Geth are dead.

Still gonna be interesting to see what will happen when that Geth shows up at Caucasus.
1/23 c16 TheRightPrice
Great chapter. Great to learn that Legion is still alive and is wise enough to change his priorities from Sheppard-Commander to the my Master Chief. Also, the three dozen (36) Cerberus ship construction docks fully staffed by more surviving Geth that the Master Chief can hopefully save and bring to his planet. Imagine Tali's and Liara's shock of they went to Chiefs world and find him playing both Geth and Protheans (hopefully) with a new fire team consisting of Legion, Javick, Miranda, and the Assari warrior/Omega secretary of defense. Hell, the data Cortana left Chief includes AI tech so he could very well make some super advanced Smart AI's to help out in his armor, ships, and information security so that his tech doesn't get out of his control.
1/22 c16 Nitroman98
I look forward to reading the next chapter please update and continue
1/20 c16 StrkFreeGundm
Master Chief sharing Slipspace tech. Not unexpected given this joint defence pact. 1000 lightyears being a little over 3 days in Slipspace. (Approx. 300 lightyears per day Covenant drives? or Post-war UNSC drives? I'll guess UNSC drives. The human element in its design might be more familiar to work with rather than the Covenant drives.
Would Orbital Defence Platforms be built? 1000 ton slug at 4% the speed of light. Even if only one is in Earth's orbit when the Reapers struck (I understand that ODP are generally deployed in clusters of 3), it might buy the Alliance some more time on the ground, never mind the effect it would have in space. To say nothing of having a few on Omega and around Caucasus.
Halberd-class Destroyer... I really like how you explained your reasoning behind the choice. Any further plans on modification or upgrades? You plan on keeping the Archer missiles? Or switch to the disruptor torpedoes that the Mass Effect ships use? Augment the CIWS and secondary batteries with GUARDIANS?
Ground facilities... UNSC firebases (Halo Wars 1 & 2). From how it looks like in the games, they were fairly self-sustaining and can grow into a fairly large complex. If Caucasus is to be a major facility for construction and training, that might be an option to explore. Not sure about the ability to quickly transport the firebase modules though. I mean, it looks pretty good in the games and there are dropships that are described to be able to ferry them, but I'm not too certain on its ability to load and offload.
UNSC Medical Technologies: I will guess that a lot of people would argue the difference between Medigel and Biofoam. In lore, the UNSC had both. I always assumed that Medigel was for civilian use while Biofoam was for military use, which was why there was so many Medigel dispensers in Halo ODST (New Mombasa), but not in the other Halo games (All taking place in military installations or hubs of military activity).

Bit of a shout out here, but Installation00 (a Youtuber) does really good analysis of UNSC and Covenant weapons; how they work, function, variants, and so on. If you're interested in knowing more details about Halo Lore, give his channel a look.
1/20 c16 StrkFreeGundm
Got to love how you attempted to explain how the Mass Relays work, especially when used by a group of ships (Something that was never really explained in the games). Would Master Chief's method of pre-maturely dropping out of a Relay transit be able to be taught to others, those that he trusts perhaps? Or if not taught, then programmed and shared to those in Omega and beyond? If only the Chief would able to do this, then that would mean that he would be spending a lot of time piloting and transporting personnel and ships to and from Caucasus.

Giving the Master Chief some expressions and character beyond the games. Love how you handled it. For a moment, I thought that you might try and go with him showing more obvious changes, rather than the slight changes in expression and communication techniques.
The Geth are almost extinct... save for the programs that would be known in the games as 'Legion'. I have a few guesses on how Legion would interact with Chief's faction, provided that Legion meets Master Chief first, and not ... you know, everyone else who will 'Shoot first, and ask questions later'. My guess is that somewhere down the line UNSC AI tech Legion ...?

Cerberus fortifying Aite. Someone correct me, but wasn't Aite where Cerberus plugged in a human to communicate with the Geth? Remnant Geth slaved to Cerberus control. Pretty sure this would make Cerberus a huge threat: Increased Fleet assets, Geth equipment (Infantry shields & guns, Fleet shields, Main guns, IR GUARDIANS, Drone fighters...), not to mention the improved armour they deployed on Eden Prime. On another note, I'm kinda looking forward to how you would handle Kai Leng vs Master Chief. Not sure if Kai Leng was equal to Shepard in the games or Lore, but he was one of the top combatants in that universe.

The Asari having the schematics to a Slipspace drive... Would it be the Pre-war UNSC drives, Post-war UNSC drives, or the Covenant drives? I would ask if it was Forerunner, but those would be far too complex for the Asari to even begin to understand, let alone build. Building it is fine and all, but how would they power them? The Slipspace drives that Master Chief and his faction (and Omega) are building would have the option to be powered by the fusion reactors that power the UNSC and Covenant ships. But the Asari? Using the reactors in Mass Effect? Wouldn't that lead to them going through an underpowered slipspace portal? I read somewhere that one or two UNSC or colony ships went missing or were destroyed when they attempted to go through an underpowered portal?.
Ships that they would use? Colony ships maybe, or mass cargo ships converted as exodus ships. Destination? I would guess Andromeda. Although I am also interested if the Asari would include other races in their exodus fleets (If they decide to run instead of fight).
Asari "pulling out of galactic affairs". Reduced Asari presence and interference then? I'm interested in how this would play out. Especially since you already said that there are those who are aware of the Chief's connection to Cortana and the Asari religion... wonder if we'll see a division between the Asari who would leave, and those that would stay? Just out of curiosity, do you plan on keeping the Alternate Husk forms? With the Banshee being made from Asari, would this mean that there would potentially none or very little of them being shown?

Tali's trauma and her issues with causing the Geth to go "extinct". Glad to see that you also included this here. I always felt that the consequences for the decisions made in the games were not heavy enough or made little difference from a story-telling or character-development perspective. Seeing you include that section made it a very interesting read.
Gotta be honest, I'm also looking forward to see your plan for her and Shepard when they find out that Legion is with the Master Chief, and that; No, they didn't cause genocide of a sentient race ... they just caused them to become critically endangered.
1/17 c16 3The Mexican Taco Overlord
Fucking asari, can't trust them.
The problem with a big multi-especies empire is that everyone has loyalties to their spices nations, so the only people you can truly trust is your own species, suffer not the xeno to live people.

And I gotta say, this whole fic has been a roller-coaster, what with cortana being a fucking goddess and the chief her specter of war lmao, but I love it.

Btw, since there are Shepard and tali smut, will there be John Miranda scenes
1/15 c15 taintedahab
Awww geez, I’m guessing there’s no Legion in this universe
1/15 c16 2Akashic Silhouette
lmfao, where is all this angst and judgement coming from? it was the consensus of almost everyone you ever meet the games that the Geth are out of control murderous AI. We only ever learm differently because of Legion in ME2 as you've pointed out. But that hasn't happened, as you've pointed out. All of this is predicated on the people considering the Geth a "race" or "species", except no one in yhe series ever looks at them that way except after Legion. Words like "genocide" would never be used, because they dont consider the Geth to be anything more than deadly intelligent machines. This sudden moral judgement is completely coming from nowhere. I also wonder how the chief and others will react to the reveal of self serving asari interests. realistically it should cause a noticeable upsurge in pro human self interest in response, especially for people like miranda and chief considering they both come from xenophobic backgrounds, even if both understand the necessity of working together as a means of surviving the reapers. realistically i could see the chief wanting to hold back the most advanced sciences and techs for human hands only.
1/15 c16 bladebrony
Things are gearing up, with the alliance of the Omega Republic and MC Sparta (temporary calling that) will become a key role in the survival of the galaxy. I can see these two factions evolving into a UEG and UNSC symbiotic relationship in the future, being the Omega a Civilian Government and Sparta being a Military, scientific, and exploration arm of it, when there is more population in reach incarnate its inevitable to happen. With the Chief, he holds the culture and Knowledge of his people within the crystalline storage, since he can't go back home to his home universe then he shall make a home in the new, he shall learn, adapt and overcome to make a future for himself and to those who shall stand by his side, like the man and woman who fought alongside him in the great war. Hope to see the training culture of the UNSC displayed here like the "movie" Forward onto Dawn.

People seem to be hating tali for what she has done, but forgotten one thing. Perspective. Since legion isn't in the group to give their opinions henceforth the story of the other side of the coin was never told, so the mindset of the people never changed their view about the gent only thinking that this entity must be stopped. Yes, tali have ended an entire species but she took no joy in doing it, she made a cold choice. Like the ancient human of halo glassing an early flood infested forerunner wold to stop it's spread, they made a cold choice. Besides the gent Survive...what is left of them that is.

With the lone surviving gent seeking refuge in the shadow of the ghost of Sparta, they will not only find salvation but a new beginning to a new door that awaits them, new knowledge, and a story of the reality of what could have been. Since this gent is the last of its kind and has not to meet Shepard and co. Then this A.I should be named different like "Genesis, Exodus, or something that tells that they are the last of its kind".

The truth soon shall unveil to those who stayed in the path. A home defiled by the hungry wolves that hide in the loving mask. When the world rulers run and it's people guideless. When the children of athame fought their own, motherless, bleeding. Heaven brought forth the demon of old.

The choice for the ship is good, it's fast, strong, and well-armored. With the slip-space on the way the champion shall walk among stars again, and for the element zero things, it's best to use in constructing the ship instead of incorporating it in the ship. My argument for it is that slip-space needs mass to work and element zero decreases the mass, so both forces will create an unfavorable consequence the slip-space will tear the ship apart, slip-space is like a tamer version of the warp. Thought having the Ezzo drive for in-system jump is good cause the drive will be inside the armored hull of the ship, henceforth it safe to use but not in an armor of the ship and when gonna use slip-space shut down the Ezzo drive.

When misrule takes its place at the seven sectors of the throne worlds.
When the flesh of man walk and End delayed.
When the thrice chosen fail and the silver tower trembles.
When the spartan loses his angel and white fortress fall.
When the throne of man lies sundered, rulerless, bleeding.
The harvesters wake, and the stars turn upon the Last Spartan.
1/15 c10 taintedahab
JFC that’s a lot of notes
1/14 c16 LegionCenturionMaster
Not gonna lie. I’m having a hard time sympathizing with Tali. Genocide is never acceptable, never. Yes, the Geth have haunted the Quarians since evicting them off Ranoch. But that was the Quarrians own fault in the matter. Furthermore, the arrogance of the Asari has always grated on my nerves in the games. Never could help but be slightly antagonistic to them.

That said, this chapter was very revealing while at the same time posing even more questions. The writing has certainly improved over the course of this story, and the characters are developing rather well. My favorite development so far has to Miranda, and that’s because as you stated long ago how she seemed passed over in the games. All in all, looking forward to what you bring unto us on the dawn of your next chapter.

(Bonus points for seeing what I snuck in the last line.)
1/13 c16 MarkerMagnum
This series has quickly become one of my favorite Mass Effect / Halo crossovers. I was originally put off by Chief so far on the OP spectrum, but you have managed to handle it fantastically, and I'm loving Miranda's character development. I have just one question. I notice that you haven't gone into too much detail about Chief's armor, and I think that is fantastic. But, is your Chief in his Halo 4 weird retconned GEN 2, or still in his original in this story? Personally I have been envisioning the GEN 3, just because it is flippin gorgeous despite the fact that it doesn't exist yet, but I'm curious what the "official" look of the Chief is for this story, or if you have intentionally left that open to interpretation. Eager for the next chapter!
1/13 c16 Batman9117
Did you see the announcements of the Mass Effect All Star edition with a remastering of the trilogy, and that Halo Infinite is being released this fall? And I always got the feeling that the Spartan twos had Halsey as a mother figure, she definitely thought of them as their kids.
1/13 c16 Guest
Ha! Tali needs to hear how the Chief worked with the same aliens that burned his home world, killed his friends, burned his adoptive home world, and the slaughtered billions only to eventually work with them and save them from annihilation. Puts shit in perspective. And the asari are still as whorish as ever.
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