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for The Myths of Qo'noS

9/17 c2 27RobertBruceScott
I am a fan of mythologies - nicely done. Intresting that the primary god of the pantheon is named Kling.

I am currently re-publishing Star Trek Hunter with significant re-writes. The introductions to Episode 13: The 15,000 Cities of Cun Ling and Episode 14: When Death Comes include bits of klingon mythology. I haven't gotten to these episodes to publish the re-writes (I just re-published Episode 10).

I did notice a typo, last line of the 2nd paragraph on chapter 2 (ande instead of and)

Thanks! rbs
9/6 c1 10Kehlan
Ooh, I like this. I hope you will continue it.

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