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for There's Always Tomorrow, Part One

11h c9 11tjp
Really enjoyed this ATC of SHTD. Excellent writing. Great ending. Looking forward to the next story.

9/16 c9 110SingerMe
It would be absolutely wonder to see Matt actually willingly agree to go on a vacation with her and not back out. Loved this.
9/16 c3 SingerMe
That last line is so true.
9/16 c2 SingerMe
The town truly did care for Matt. Doesn't surprise me that everyone was concerned about him.
9/16 c1 SingerMe
I love this so far. Great job.
9/14 c9 57mahc
What a lovely wish for Matt and Kitty. We always wanted some domesticity for them one day. Thanks for giving it to them in this story.
9/14 c6 mahc
I can hear Doc's emphasis when he says, "He is hurt." This is as grave as Matt has been.
9/14 c3 mahc
Wonderful h/c and angst here. Of course, Matt is fighting to get up and move.
9/14 c1 mahc
Love this! SHTD is my favorite GS episode, so I always enjoy reading ATCs for it. Lovely job of writing. Thank you!
9/13 c9 29RBGirl
Okay, I confess for a moment I thought you were going to have him ride out to "be alone" like he did in the Disciple. I had to skip to the bottom of the story. Thank you for not disappointing me. Only one request, please hurry with the next installment.
9/13 c3 RBGirl
Why was I not surprised that he wanted his gun belt within reach. Being a US marshal goes clear to the bone in that big man. I'm glad you pointed out earlier that Kitty was in shock. I realize that Matt was shot but when she thought his heart stopped beating I know it felt hers did too. I agree with your point of view that Kitty would be not be angry with Doc for lying to her if it saved Matt's life.
9/13 c9 57lostcowgirl
Matt & Kitty feed off each other. It's what gives them the strength to keep going no matter the setbacks. You've captured that special connection they have as Matt regains his equilibrium. He usually goes off by himself to sort things out, but this time he's sorting them out with Kitty. I look forward to reading what they conclude is the best path for them. Whatever they decide their friends will back them.
9/8 c9 MattsWoman
This is a beautiful story! looking forward to the next part.
9/6 c9 shirley waldrip
You have outdone yourself with one. You took a story and turned it around in many ways and gave it depth and and and insight into the inner feelings of Doc, Matt and Kitty after Matt's brush with death.I can't wait for Part 2. You are something special!
9/8 c9 MaryRoseEllen
Just caught up with this story and really enjoyed it. This is possibly my favourite episode from the series, so an ATC like this had me hooked from the start. Looking forward now to Part 2!
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