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for Ghosts of Wild Cards Past

12/7/2020 c1 Guest
Is this dead.
12/2/2020 c1 5NW nightwalker Hp
A massively fun read!
11/30/2020 c2 2Hoppy854
Looks like all the P3-5 wild cards have been gathered in the world. I wonder how this will play out? I wonder if because Yu became a ghost with Akechi that Makoto was dragged into the world to maintain balance. But Yu could already make a social link with Akechi, so what about Ren? Will both Ren and Makoto gain a social link with each other? Ren as Makoto’s new fool arcana and Makoto as Ren’s Universe arcana? And when Akechi encounters Ren, will Yu and Makoto see each other when they are ghosts? I’m so excited! :)
11/29/2020 c2 herlus
Looks like typing on my FFN app has some problems. It doesn't include
11/29/2020 c2 herlus
Oh boy. Ren, your Senpei got a slightly wrong conclusion due to his own experience but he wasn't that far from the mark. Worry not!Yours is going to be much easier than his and Makoto probably will push you to train like hell to keep you alive.
"What kind of Wildcard couldn't use two personas at same time!? Try harderThe normal kindDon't be a baby. Here. CALL JACK BROTHERS AGAIN!"
11/20/2020 c1 Guest
Shattering Lenses update dammit.
9/13/2020 c1 Munhkao
Great Job on this
9/9/2020 c1 Guest
But too bad that Ren is sooo gay that he would rather have himself getting buttfucked by Shido, this makes Makoto Yuki passed on since the world is beyond salvation with the most useless wild card that is Ren Amamiya.

The End.
9/6/2020 c1 22Luckenhaft
Meanwhile Door-Chan is haunting Kasumi whose wondering if she's a Protagonists now.

I a
9/6/2020 c1 1DangerousFox682
I like it already and I have a feeling already that Yu is going to be the shoulder Angel for Akechi
9/5/2020 c1 5Tora Lych
Ah, good old Yu.
Either this time the problem found him or he found the problem.
Also Door-kuns here too.

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