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9/30/2020 c5 RandomCoolGuy
kinda struggling with your POV here. Sometimes its 3rd person then its 1st person
9/23/2020 c5 Spice
This is so interesting
9/22/2020 c5 Guest-Questioner
In all fairness, this world hopping, would signify this story, as a crossover, so,
even if being against it, the the truth is, that this story would need to be moved to the crossover's.

The only, way that you could use the world hopping, without BEING FORCED to move your story,
is that you only use small vignent's of each "dimension" you jump into,

Just the bare bone's, of each dimension, nothing at all to do with, interacting with the ACTUAL,
character's of each dimension.

(Yes, SOME people do, as a matter of fact, get caught, with a story not seeming to be a crossover)

They are then possibly notified to move their story, into the appropriate section,
or face a few small penalty's.

So, while he IS dimension hopping, you can't do a FULL immersion, into those dimension's,
Your against it, but the site management would say otherwise.

I encountered two - five, stories in my time here, like this one, and they were all moved,
into the crossover's, eventually, but yes, they HAD to be moved.

End Review.
9/22/2020 c5 Guest
So he travels dimensions or something which would explain why his village was never found?
9/18/2020 c4 ImaginativeFury
The fight scene was great. The action and moves felt fluid and greatly narrated and not once I felt like you slowed things down with bad writing or something similar.
9/18/2020 c4 kept123
thanks for the chapter
9/13/2020 c2 Guest-Questioner
Advice, on what should NOT happen.


Joining one, or "both" peerage's!

Answer, That is SO common place, joining either Rias or Sona, becoming a direct part, of the series,
Is there no OTHER option, than joining the underworld, just because it's called, staying with canon?

Extra-Note: Season four, and onwards, are being made by another, company, with said company,
manager stating that, they were going to follow the light novel, as much as humanly possible,
Practically disregarding most of the first three season's.
(You can see that by the new animation style, that resembles, the light novel's, artwork's)


Harem's, I KNOW, this is highschool DxD, but i would like to see some variety,
NO Issei harem.

As the designation implies, The Issei harem is pretty much, every girl within, the ORC,
along with, The little "fledgeling phoenix" (heiress) and the elder sibling of the ORC's "mascot"
and the, former friend "chestnut-colored-twin-tailed" turned, Angel, and the,
Klutzy yet powerful Valkyrie, more-or-less.

Just, well, Please do try, NOT to use the issei harem as this boy's harem, like i said,
Some variety please?

F.Y.I Variety means, no Serafall, No Sona AND/OR, her peerage, pretty much try NOT to use,
MOST if ANY, of the underworld girl's, they've had too much screen time, in, well,
quite practically, everything, when it comes to harem's, their all just, the go-to girl's,
BECAUSE, their just that EASY too use, if there even IS one, if not, all the better.

End Review.
9/11/2020 c2 kept123
thanks for the chapter
9/5/2020 c1 ImaginativeFury
Congratulations. Missed the adventures of Dio greatly.

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