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7/20 c13 mshade656
all these themes are distracting and i dont 99% of those themes
7/19 c3 Obcorbino2146
Tenten as the chun li of this fic, I wouldn't mind that.
7/13 c20 Ballbag223
take your time
6/25 c10 khatre
LOL ... Mentions Forged in Hellfire while Forged In Hellfire is in a open tab ...just waiting to be read .
6/25 c8 khatre
I have to acknowledge that my Naruto knowledge is crap cause Guren? WTF is Guren?
6/25 c6 khatre
Dobe keeps autocorrecing to Dope .. unless its intentional ...
6/25 c3 khatre
two things...
one. Thanks for the Tenshi reference. I am a Total Tenshi X Ryoko fanboy.
two... There are reasons Rock Lee is a fan favorite. He is effing amazing!
6/14 c20 Nathair1
I hope you feel better, soon
6/14 c20 Nathair1
I hope you feel better, soon
6/10 c20 2TheMaelstorm'sVengeance
It is all good man. You should put yourself first.
6/7 c20 Assassinscreed
Take all the time you need
And sorry for your loss
6/7 c20 Dave
Hope you get better and can resume your stories
6/8 c20 Krieger Techpreist
I am sorry for you loss, and thank you for giving us what we have so far, if you need help to get out of your funk, talk to family, freinds, or other writers that you worked with, that have also worked with rain... it helps to talk to someone, and this? This whole fic? If this what is done for someone around to be proud of... I cant wait to see what you make so their remembered
6/8 c20 kushalkool0924
Take your time and just don't burn yourself out
6/7 c15 Krieger Techpreist
*Stops drinking recaff* a tortured soul, in need of love, forgivness, and redemption... reminds me of my peoples fate...
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