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1/22 c14 SPark681
A nice chapter glad Naruto is happier than he has been anyways keep up the great work!
1/21 c4 Rosenkruz
My only response to this meeting between Lee and "Street Fighter" Naruto can best be summed up in the immortal words of Viceroy Nute Gunray: "This is getting out of hand...now there are TWO of them!"
Absolutely love it.
1/20 c14 jj
10/10 You made me tire up you god dam bastord.
1/19 c14 eniox27
“Poly” boy the harem trope was this ages before that term even existed. Good stuff. Great end to wave quite a bit different this time around, I liked.
1/19 c14 1Ryuujin96
Great work on this chapter. Interesting choice adding Ryuzetsu to Naruto's harem. I liked Naruto and Haku's interactions in this chapter and I liked Emi in this chapter as well, she is adorable. I also liked that Naruto told Haku he contains the Kyubi.
1/18 c14 kingvern100
this arcs finale just made things interesting I mean zabuza as naruto's sagat never seen him used like that before. I await for the next chapter with excited patience
1/18 c14 1firetemplar415
1/18 c14 15NinjaFang1331
Excellent update thank you
1/18 c14 15Leaf Ranger
I'm so very appy Haku will be returning to Konoha with Naruto. Thanks for adding her in. It makes me happy, since after you started the business of her and Naruto together, it'd be so sad not to see her arrive home with him.
And Zabuza is now out and about, likely to be corrupted by the power Naruto unintentionally gave him. Guess we'll see where that goes.

great work, keep it up!
1/18 c14 9Dragon Man 180
I can’t wait to see Emi’s reaction to Konohamaru and eventually Hanabi.

I like Zabuza giving off very Akuma vibes, I can’t wait to see his rematch with Naruto in the future.

An idea occurs to me: could Hinata mix Gentle Fist with Chun Li’s kicking style?

I almost feel sorry for anyone who insults Emi upon hearing her call Naruto her father. That’s one angry Jinchuuriki and a very pissed off Yuki Onna in the form of Haku.
1/18 c14 2te.nellis
Loved it!
1/18 c14 Guest
1/18 c14 2Serenia the Black Dragon
Im not crying youre crying! In all seriousness the wave saga ending was beautiful. Definitely coming back in future updates
1/18 c14 PraetorXyn
Good chapter, the emotion here was very well done.

For the harem, I'd recommend Shizuka and Karin, as they're barely used. Shizuka is gorgeous, a wind type, and Karin is an Uzumaki.
1/18 c14 Jondawg1
I see your a fan of pitch meeting as well,spotting that reference was super easy,barely an inconvenience.
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