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for Child of Gods, Reject of Men

3/21 c8 Vlad Alex
whoa.. not okay.. NOT OKAY ! Lol
I mean.. Jiraya a rapist ? imo that was totally overboard.. damn.
Comooon it's Jiraya XD
I'm pretty much considering this one a fully fledged OC by now..
3/20 c3 Vlad Alex
man.. this is so fucking OC that it takes a lot of effort on my part to just keep reading.. I'm not complaining and saying u should quit or whatever.. but unfortunately this just doesn't appear to be my cup of tea.. I'll give it another chance with the next 2 chapters.. hope it gets better..

3/16 c2 edoabb
Unless it's explained why he didn't see the two tasked to care for him in his first years of life then it's a fail
3/9 c16 2CoolkidKing34662
This is a fantastic read! Usually, when I read fanfic, I read it for a different version of the cannon, not to learn about a totally different religion. But I actually really enjoyed the more spiritual aspect that you went with this. I thought that the plot was good and the characters were also great! Good Job!
3/2 c6 Ricky
I like the idea behind the story but it suffers from having to many OCs. All the new characters just seem unnecessary are just their not actually being relevant to the story. How does Naruto get hit by natsu when he is so welll trained and leagues above him? Their is no point in putting naruto into a coma besides the fact of adding pointless drama. Lastly it just doesn’t seem to be about a world about shinobi anymore and is more about the power of the gods. This story just ain’t my cup tea at all just my opinion.
3/2 c9 Ethan Rhodes
\"What type of seal was used in the sealing of Nine Tails into Natsu and Mito?"/

I think u got mixed up here author
3/1 c1 dav102102
did not need 90% of that crap
3/1 c18 TheReapedOne
Thank you very much for your hard work. may your future works be as interesting as this one was.
3/1 c18 Haziq Saffari1
Its dissapointing but I have to respect your decision, glad that you informed us about cancelling this. Most others who stopped with their work didn't bother with posting theirs.
2/28 c18 WebSlinger12
Understandable really. Good luck on your future stories and we hope you well.
2/28 c18 pyrojake1996
New review: Well, it's completely understandable. I understand you, Ronin. As for those who are complaining about this, grow the fuck up. I don't even see most of you write any fanfic stories, so what are you even bitching about this, it's pathetic.

So unless any of you idiots have any legitimate reasons to complain about this, then don't say anything and just move on, it's a story, not real life and you all become a lost cause in the most saddest way possible because of this.

Anyway, be safe out there, Ronin. Peace out.
2/28 c18 Dante
Well that sucks, but it could’ve been worse. Hope one day you’ll find the drive for this story again one day.
2/28 c18 Knightmars
Its fine, I a can relate that school (especially exams) can be be draining on a person. You do you and thanks for letting us know and also you stay safe as well.
2/28 c18 twisting tempest
sadness was really liking it ive been here sence chapter one and loved how this was going
2/28 c18 Guest
Fuck off man, you're a disgrace for being unable go write anything productive. It's always the same excuses and you have the galls to apologize. You coward.
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