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9/30 c8 20NewMystery356
Well, the fate of the Uchiha Clan has definitely changed HERE!
9/27 c8 Shenxie
Estos dos últimos capítulos me hicieron tirar una que otra lágrima :"v

Gracias por los capítulos, estaré atento a proximos~~
9/21 c8 RedDemonEye
Well things could have been far worse besides they together so I'm sure they will be alright so keep up the good work and like always have a nice day.
9/20 c8 Crimson Riot 01
Eh de admitir que los primeros capítulos los sentí un poco flojos y que empezar a leer esta historia por compromiso ya que eres tú
Pero los últimos 2 capítulos me están haciendo entrar en la trama
9/19 c2 2Crimson Shikyo
this is new...I honestly expect for her to be reborn and Naruto come to Renment some how on the redo. you have my attention!
9/19 c8 2TheSlySage
oooooh a Fugaku vs Danzo fight. now that'd be epicccc
9/19 c8 TheSlySage
just saying I actually love this one. work has cut down my reading time and I usually catch up on fictions in 2-3 chapter bursts so I just review the last chapter. but this is an awesome story
9/19 c8 20OverLord Wang-Yu
Honestly I’d Love To See More Of This Fic! But I Understand If You Feel Like Ending It.

9/18 c8 2Kaiya Azure
On the bright side, Rhodes acknowledged what he did wrong in his past life and was there for Cinder when she woke up. Throw in the fact she still has some family left and I doubt Cinder Uchiha would ever try to be an avenger like Sasuke was in canon. The odds of Danzo getting any Sharingan from the deceased members of the Uchiha clan is probably close to zero at this point. Granted, that's not quite zero, but any success in the attempt will undoubtedly result in repercussions aimed at the old warhawk.
9/18 c8 79YeagerMeister31
Well, damn, Naruto lost his eye, wonder if he gets a new one, Can't wait for more.
9/18 c8 the shadow overlord279
I must say, this is one of my favorite stories you've made. It'd be a shame to see such a unique take end now, when it seems to only just be starting
9/17 c8 TeraelinII
left your stories
But God damn emotional cliffhangers! lol
9/16 c8 Guest
Things are changing aren’t they?
9/16 c8 2Clay Bach
I've enjoyed this story's little twists, and I'd be sad to see it end prematurely, but if you have to cut storys so you aren't draining yourself then you should just cut your losses.
9/16 c8 3Zeta Grey
Oh :( I read it and that's a shame, as I've mentioned before this story is my favorite... oh well, we can't all have nice things.
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