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5/22 c25 Guest
Hey! Lovely story. Can you please also write a story about Ben x Charmcaster. I love that pairing too, but unfortunately there aren't many stories to read.
5/19 c1 Travis99
love the story. Hope it continues
5/9 c25 1Priest
An interesting story you've got going here, I would dearly love to see it continued.
4/20 c11 Guest
Yea definitely lining up some Netflix Punisher dialogue
4/20 c10 Guest
This Kevin feels more like Punisher than he should in this chapter, reading back from his participation in the AF
4/17 c25 Guest
I love the arc he goes through so far, it’s amazing
4/17 c1 Guest
I like this version of Ben more serious and less ridiculous jokes to pander to the CN audience
4/17 c25 Signed2TheHeat
Man you weren't lying when you said this one was gonna be good. Gwen 10's design is drippin btw,
Can't believe I scraped my brain for where Prometheus came from just to find out that I was in fact trippin & they are in fact an OC lol.
So yeah... this one definitely got me turnt up.
4/13 c25 jasongd
And another great chapter congrats

4/13 c25 67BenXGwen Lightning Warrior
Well, I hope things get better. It looks quite bleak.

Poor Charmcaster. It’s kinda funny that Albedo and Charmcaster fell in love like their hero counterparts, but I feel for her.

What are the main pair going to do about Gwen 10? They still have to find her.
4/13 c25 3RonaldM40196867
Prometheus has quite the ego.
4/12 c25 OmnipotentAbsoluteUIGodzilla
Welp! Prometheus isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
Meanwhile, Gwen 10 shows up in Ben 10,000 Prime's Earth, and is clearly stupefied that this alternate version of herself and her cousin Ben are a couple.
Speaking of, Ben apologizes to Gwen for nothing telling her about Prometheus and confronting him alone, and vows that they'll face him together from now on, so they make up. Albedo is dead, Charmcaster left traumatized by the situation. So Prometheus is an alternate version of Ben Tennyson, after all. But why exactly does he hate himself so much, he projects on Alternate versions?
4/12 c25 25Death Fury
nice chapter
4/3 c3 Anon
I've given a cursory glance at some of your other fics, and I have to say that this one seems to be on another level entirely. The creativity, the fluff, and the action are all executed extremely well.
3/31 c24 Guest
I read 24 chapters in 2 days and I am loving this by far one of my top fives. Heck maybe even 1.
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