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9/7 c1 2waterl00writings
Wowwww this is amazing! I can really imagine Chloe responding to covid-19 in a way like this and you captured all of her emotions perfectly.
9/7 c1 hc-fletchard
Oh my days! This is absolutely fantastic- I love it. I can imagine this happening and your descriptions are so heartbreakingly realistic. I hope that the actual COVID19 episode lives up to my very high expectations I now have from reading this.
9/6 c1 2godxrd
Amazingggg! I have another one shot idea for you
9/6 c1 mccann22
Absolutely loved the fic. Brilliant writing. Hope we get to see some scenes like it when Holby returns. Love Ange and Chole fics. Thanks.
9/6 c1 HolbyXcityXcasua
I came across u on insta and I rlly love ur account and fanfics xxx
9/6 c1 1ohmygodard
Well this was just perfect in every way, and I hope the covid episode lives up to my expectations after reading this. Everything about this is well written, the description of the panic attack broke my heart they are so so scary and Chloe is just trying to do her job and the fact they’re happening regularly is TOO SAD, thank god she’s got Ange, who I’ve decided is the ceo of calming people down from panic attacks because she is so good at it (which in itself upsets me because she’s so good at it because she’s had too much experience with poor Chloe PROTECT HER AT ALL COSTS). We truly see the selfless mother jump out with Ange fully agreeing to give up her vape completely for her daughter, Chloe’s thinking WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG. The need for the physical contact to get Chloe to calm down is just So them and I’m really glad Ange insisted on Chloe coming home with her, not just to feed her but so they can have unlimited hugs! I’m going to miss on screen Godard hugs so much when holby comes back, so thank you for providing me with them here! It’s no surprise that I absolutely loved everything about this, I’ve had the most fun getting my heart broken by you repeatedly as I’ve gone through and read all of your stories recently. Thank you for all the hard work, it does not go unappreciated!

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