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5h c17 BlueDiadem
Oh no! Never thought I'd be nervous and scared for Tom Riddle going into a battle. It's on now - a fight to the death since Nott as already recognized his opponent. Sitting on the edge of my chair biting my nails waiting for the next chapter!

And oh yeah, horrified but not totally surprised that those potion babies will eventually be "unmade." Just ghastly.
11h c17 Charlie0925
Dang, awesome chapter here honey! I cannot wait to see what happens next! ;o)
12h c17 mab70
Oh dear…I hope the 2 little girls are still alive.
14h c17 JaiJayce
Well the ending was an unexpected twist! Can’t wait to find out how this goes
21h c17 Fast Frank
Outstanding! Lucius is left with a dread he can not, must not share. Tom faces a moment of doubt.
21h c17 KylieKyotie
Ruut-rooo...Scoobie might be in a little trouble...
22h c6 2A10riddick
Great chapter!
23h c17 1liz.onia
Great as always!
23h c5 2A10riddick
Great chapter!
1/24 c17 2maximusrexmundi
Oooooo this is gonna be awesome
1/24 c17 2Lucyole
Uoh that doesn't sound to good now for Tom and Severus at all in the next chapter but I think Severus is strong as well and to hides it from others without having ever done a hunt or harvest at all. Good chapter more please *cookies for inspiration and the great work*
1/24 c15 BlueDiadem
Very logical that the next step of harvesting magic could be turned on to purebloods themselves. James was harvested after all and they might run out of muggleborns and half bloods at some point. Sounds like Nott has been at this for a while if he did his sisters along with wife and kids. Lovely!

Do they already harvest folks who are sentenced to be kissed regardless of blood status?
1/24 c14 BlueDiadem
Wow wow wow! Just catching up and I'm a few chapters behind.

Between Molly and Arthur I'm just so surprised that Arthur was pushing for daughters. They already had 5 children so it boggles the mind they'd go for "unnatural" means of conceiving. If the potion is so great why haven't the Malfoy's used it to help expand their family? Geez I can't imagine being pregnant with one child and then taking something that made another "thing" start growing. It would be about as welcome as a cancerous tumor. Ugh is it even human if it wasn't conceived from sperm and egg? After going through all that it makes sense that Molly has secretly rebelled.

So glad to see Remus and Sirius kicking ass. I didn't really like Riddle railroading Sirius in regards to containing Harry's magic. He's not a dummy and grew up as a pureblood with a deep understanding of magic. I'm glad your Sirius isn't so damaged that he can't feel worried about Riddle's influence over Harry.
1/24 c17 2GM10
Basically Tom reseted Lucius level to 1 like a game. Noice. But now he has to deal with this shit. Not so noice.
1/24 c17 Dangerouse
oh my gawd, what a place to end the chapter. I hope the next update comes quickly!
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