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2h c8 Lucyphys
I love this story
The idea is absolutely brilliant and I'm really looking forward to the next chapter
Ooo interesting i love it
1/17 c8 34Malicean
Well, that is an interesting type of mirror universe. Or thereabouts. Can't wait to see where this goes!
1/17 c8 LeightonWD
Great chapter and such interesting new magic.
1/17 c8 M2R
1/16 c2 Samwise Pevensie
Quick note - Stonewall school would be completely free to attend and provide free text books.
Families only need to purchase uniform and pens/ pencils.
1/15 c8 Cat Beats
An enjoyable chapter like always!
1/15 c8 Magesa
This story continues to get better and better! I love your take on Lupin and it's always great to see Snape. Also what a great last line.
1/15 c8 1A Man of No Consequence
A wonderful chapter.
1/15 c8 Guest
Thank you for the update. The way this story is going is too intriguing and interesting. Cannot wait for the next chapters.

Happy Healthy New Year.
1/15 c7 Guest
Stumbled across the story a couple of days ago and I really enjoyed reading through the world that you have created.
There are definitely lots of back stories that would be really fascinating to learn more about.
I wonder how the light side lost so badly. Perhaps you mentioned that earlier in the story and I need to go back and reread.
Anyway, I’m really enjoying the interplay between the characters and how we are beginning to learn more about the society as a whole as the plot begins to develop.
1/14 c8 sunsethill
The plot thickens. I'm eager to see how Severus became Tom's spy. And your Lupin is quite different. The backstory there will be fascinating as it comes out, I'm sure.
1/14 c1 hobbes319
This is So well done. Thank you for the chapter!
1/14 c8 10Nanchih
Interesting! Complex, and I will have to think about some of it to make sense. Everyone sounds hateful and too many are evil. I knew Minerva, Severus, and Filius were half-bloods. I'm still working out the back story that got us here. I will check your Profile for a Prequel.
1/14 c8 1bootstring
YES! So happy we have Lupin and will get Sirius soon!

"Ron's face was pale, which made his freckles stand out like dots of blood." - Foreshadowing?
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