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for That Glorious Strength

2/22 c42 13Stephanie MRV
Oh holy shit. What the fuck are the hallows doing now.
And damn, poor andy.
Bella is sick.
2/22 c42 acceleratedreaderbby
Missed this story so much! Can’t wait for the update! Appreciated also the scene with Bones. No such thing as being passive when you see evil happening around you.
2/21 c42 mab70
Ummm, what will Carol do when the fight is won and over?
2/20 c42 Guest
2/20 c42 1liz.onia
Great update as always! Turning into a pretty dark story and it's really good!
2/20 c42 outerdarkness
Great chapter! Happy to hear that this is still being updated.
2/20 c42 cameron1812
Thank you for the new chapter! Carol's attack, against purebloods like that, is both satisfying and Dark, and makes us remember the differences and similarities between canon and your AULove it!
2/20 c42 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
2/20 c42 Fast Frank
The story of Bellatrix in exile would make an interesting side story, or sequel if Bellatrix survives this story. Excellent chapter.
2/20 c42 Sheelahdog
OOOOOH, It is all coming together now!
2/20 c1 Yukino-chan
U are so amazing! I am so glad you are still writing awesome fics after all these years! It's a lovely surprise to find updates from you whenever I managed to find time to check out fanfic. Have tons of cookies and continue being great!
2/20 c42 3Foxy-Floof
Wow. So the stone, cloak, and wand are just assholes, drunk on their own power and grand designs?

Disappointing, and stale. They deserve to be consigned to oblivion, to be unmade utterly.
2/20 c42 HSkarsgard
All caught up.
2/16 c34 1Wolfman217
Eh? Considering how feared Basilisks are she went down WAAAAY to easily.

If they could be killed by conjured or transfigured Roosters then they wouldn't be so feared because the AVERAGE witch or wizard has a transfiguration OWL - which means they could at least transfigure a rooster.

A creature doesn't get a classification that high if it can be killed by one average Hogwarts graduate.
2/16 c4 Wolfman217
OP Harry incoming I guess.

Hermione better be as strong as he is at the LEAST if not stronger, it's not like Hermione frequently showed off more powerful magic than Harry or anything with the exception of the Patronus - which is almost purely emotion based - and did better than him in literally everything but Defence, in which physical fitness and hand eye coordination played a big part.
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