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2/3 c41 Machiavellius
This is a fantastic piece of fiction. How you weave familiar with the new is very cool. Everyone having the potential of their own flavor of magic so to speak (war wizard, battle legillimens, Deans unnamed naruto power, etc...) is really interesting and makes me want to know all about it!. Probably one of my favorite fics on the site! Keep it up!
2/3 c40 Machiavellius
1/31 c41 Krav
This... is one of the most original fanfics I've ever read, I love it, this has been amazing. You made me think Snape is cool, and I've been digging the different directions people's magic has gone. I hope you haven't dropped it forever, this has been a beautiful story!
12/29/2022 c41 1moodysavage
This is getting more intense! I like that! I also like that the big bad is the Elder Wand...interesting twist and better than Grindlewald.
12/22/2022 c41 8GabrielsDoubt
ooooo. I'm so glad this is on here and ao3. I'm listening to it o. a text reader... its glorious
11/30/2022 c41 sjare2013

espero los proximos capitulos ...AHORA! JAJAJA
11/6/2022 c29 lawshark
Well there we go - Next chapter answered it for me :) Thanks for the great story!
11/6/2022 c28 lawshark
Great and very unique story so far! Why doesn’t Tom at least try to kill Grindelwald while he’s in the coma? Is he immortal because of the summoning?
11/6/2022 c41 2Lucyole
Severus is amazing really that potion is pure genius that can only come from him and Draco doesn't know what hit him not even that wand had found something amiss, Fillius is great too of course with him being a half-Goblin he rather would fight with someone who sees everyone as equal in some matters. good work more please *cookies for inspiration and the good work*
10/30/2022 c41 LeightonWD
Happy you are feeling better. Great story.
10/28/2022 c39 Rokalia2.0
Gods, it’s grating how Draco both criticizes Andromeda for not grieving and also criticizes Muggleborns and Halfbloods for being ‘sensitivewhich happened a few chaps back- when he was talking to Snape)
10/27/2022 c41 Starlette
This Snape is just so interesting, his way of following Tom but this cunning and audacious and kinda friendly with Minerva and now hopefully with Filius, and lets ser how dos the encounter with Sirius and Lupin go... But really, you made so sinfully interesting every character of this fic, damn It.
Change of topic. I'm so sorry to hear you were so injured! Fuck, poor you! I Hope everything is now going well and It doesn't hurt. Thank you so much for not having abandoned us crazy folks hahaha I was starting to cry without your stories... Lots of love, I would get Madam Pomfrey for you if It were possible TT
10/27/2022 c41 1liz.onia
Amazing as always!
10/27/2022 c41 BlueDiadem
I have to admit I had been wondering what was going on with this marvelous story. I am very sorry to hear of your injury and hope you are healing well and are on your way to a full recovery.

My second admission is that I have never been a fan of Serverus Snape and dislike stories where he is portrayed as some big hero. In my mind he eagerly joined a terrorist organization, marked a family for death and then relentlessly bullied the two children who were most impacted by his actions (Harry and Neville). I am glad he is not burdened with such a backstory is your tale.

And wow, wow, wow, this was probably hands downs the best Snape chapter I have ever read. His cool and calm cunning was incredible. I was worried last chapter when he ran into Draco in the hallway that he'd be discovered or go the same as Andromeda. Inside he was in beast-mode but outwardly a ripple-less pool of steely control.
I will say I was surprised that the Wand was so easy to subdue. I was thinking it would jump from Draco and overtake Snape thus completely exposing Riddle. I can't wait to see what happens when they show up a Fortius. I think Snape will be surprised by Sirius and Remus. They certainly aren't the same teenagers he remembers. And Snape and Carol working together? (shudder)

Eagerly awaiting more!
10/27/2022 c41 HSkarsgard
What an awesome update. Can’t wait to see Carrows reaction to Severus ‘ deception.
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