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for That Glorious Strength

10/26/2022 c41 3Foxy-Floof
Good job, Severus. Good job.

It woooorked. Now about burning that eldritch being away?
10/26/2022 c41 2maximusrexmundi
10/26/2022 c41 richon
Severus choise his camp, he bring Draco and filius with him. Hope they will have time to study Draco and the elder wand. Love your work. Good luck with your leg.
10/26/2022 c41 Fast Frank
Excellent chapter. I suppose the Elder Wand can protect itself from termites and the like.
10/26/2022 c41 Guest
Sorry to hear about your leg. I hope you are feeling better. Get well soon.
10/26/2022 c41 AtipOps
Hope you have a speedy recovery but remember to take it easy on yourself..

Awesome chapter. Possibly the wand, cloak and stone together at Fortius, what could possibly go wrong haha cannot wait to see how Harry and Tom deal with fate meddling
10/26/2022 c41 DarkRavie
I really like this story. It's an excellent read and I look forward to reading what happens in your next chapter.
10/26/2022 c41 pbutterfly
Je te souhaite prompt rétablissement!
Great chapter
10/26/2022 c41 18Anonymous Wandmaker
Hope you're feeling better!

Lovely chapter as always!
10/26/2022 c41 17DS2010
I like the branding
10/26/2022 c41 13Stephanie MRV
I love this
I hope that thing is secured
10/26/2022 c41 Anne
I’ll so sorry to hear about your leg. It’s good that you’re feeling better now.

This chapter had me at the edge of my seat. I kept waiting for something to go wrong with Snape subduing Malfoy (I still half expect something to in the next chapter), but I’m so relieved he made it to the end of the chapter intact at least. Was not expecting this plot twist at all. Thanks for sharing!
10/26/2022 c41 bbethable
I hope you are feeling better! This was a great chapter, thank you
10/26/2022 c41 2Nice Egan
I wish you a good recovery!
And thank you for the update, great chapter. I'm looking forward to read what's going to happen next.
10/25/2022 c41 mab70
Please take good care of yourself!
A mind as creative and precious as your’s should not be lost!

I am afraid of what the Elder Wand might manage at Fortius.
But I’m glad Severus escaped! Filius, too!
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