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for Darth Vader Goes to School

9/30/2020 c2 2LONE RANGER 97
poor piett
9/29/2020 c5 sunmoonwindandstars
Piett is, without a doubt, the BEST Imp there is! Hands down! I just LOVE him in this story! I look forward to more!
9/28/2020 c5 44Temple Cloud
Firmus saying anything as polite as 'Sorry about the mess,' is nearly enough to blow his cover - it's way out of character for Firmus playing Darth Vader impersonating Firmus. If he's here for two weeks, it's going to be really, really difficult to avoid social contact with Luke, who is going to want to get to know his online friend a bit better.
9/28/2020 c5 Anne LM
Coffee shop and school, you’re really going overboard on this! But it’s brilliant!

There are so many different ways Vader/Piett can get their cover blown. But please, keep this going, because I’m splitting my sides laughing here!
9/28/2020 c3 10prjones339
"Darth Firmus Piett," I am cackling like a madman at midnight
9/28/2020 c1 prjones339
Read the summary, INSTANT FAVORITE!
9/18/2020 c4 Mevneriel
This is so refreshingly hilarious! Please update soon.
9/18/2020 c4 102Nefertari Queen
I'm totally in love with this fic.
9/18/2020 c3 Nefertari Queen
I came back, Coffee in my hand, let's proceed...
Force this was worth it!
I can't tell how much I laughed in this chapter! It was all so hilarious!
Again, poor Piett! The man is being used as a puppet and he can't do anything about it! I almost feel pity for him, trying to sound as propper and intimidating as Vader, with a Sith Lord giving you commands in one ear and an enthusiastic young man in the other! How stressfull, yet yo funny to read!
And Vader's exasperation is even funnier! (and I totally support Piett, the happiness serum is coffee)
9/18/2020 c2 Nefertari Queen
Team work... Darth Vader in a team work... for the Force not even Anakin was good in team work!
And of course, with Luke...
Let me go for a caff before I continue, this is so interesting...
9/18/2020 c1 Nefertari Queen
I'm still laughing!
First, Vader is having a middle-crisis! I mean, yeah he says he's boring but the age doesn't help you Vader, and of all the stuff he could do (practically everything he wants in the galaxy) he's attending school... it's weird, yet normal, and God it makes me smile.
Poor Piett, who says no to Vader, even if he's using your name?
And Luke! Oh I'm done! I loved how Vader finds him annoying and familiar at the same time, in my head I was screaming "He's your son!" but of course, how would he know? Now, that natural attraction between them was nice.
9/18/2020 c4 laurellestars
I love how unhinged your portrayal of Vader is. He’s written crazy enough to make me laugh, but not so crazy that I don’t believe it’s not him... I think I said that right? But more than that, I love that you’ve written a Piett centered fanfiction, there aren’t a lot of those.

I also really enjoyed how you portrayed Thrawn in “Lost and Found”, he was analytical, intimidating, etc. That character doesn’t get enough love, but he’s the most interesting one out of new canon, I think. Or maybe I’m too excited right now from having read Thrawn Ascendancy that I’ve developed a favorable bias towards him.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to where this story goes.
9/16/2020 c4 Nono
Great chapter
9/16/2020 c4 65Kondoru
He will get called up for academic offences.

(Never mind that DV is right; there is no logical way he could enroll on the course under his real name)
9/16/2020 c4 26WillyDJ
Nearly died at the insurance comment!
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