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10/27 c16 Crawleyfan
I enjoyed hearing Donny's Thoughts, you write his character very well.
10/26 c16 48KeepingUpDisappearances
Good update! You really describe Donny's profession well!
10/22 c15 Crawleyfan
I like how you wrote Donny as honorable not wanting to betray Niles. I like him better in your fanfic then on the show but that is probably because he is not putting himself between Niles and Daphne. Great chapter.
10/22 c15 KeepingUpDisappearances
I really liked this part and you expanding on Daphne being attracted to Donny, because I never quite bought it in the series. It felt so forced. He was her but their love felt so casual, like she was settling. Anyhoo , looking forward to more.
10/9 c14 KeepingUpDisappearances
Great chapter! I really liked the practice trial of sorts and how Daphne was taking it a little more personally than she thought she would. Not too excited about Daphne warming up to Donny but is is following canon. Sadly.
Maybe it'll change? *hopeful smile*
10/3 c13 KeepingUpDisappearances
This is a great chapter. I always hated how Frasier, and to some extent Martin, kept discouraging Niles when it came to Daphne. Hopefully this story ends the way I hope it will ;)
9/29 c12 KeepingUpDisappearances
Great look into Daphne's pysche here. Jane Leeves had a similar theory that Daphne at least suspected something but sort of repressed it because of the class difference between her and Niles.
You've really got me hanging here! Great story thus far!
9/26 c11 KeepingUpDisappearances
Heh. Daphne can't keep denying...
9/25 c11 6Smthnborrowediamblue
Ohohoho, this is getting really good! *squeals excitedly*
9/25 c11 2Mallory Sharpe
Loving it! I really liked how you wrote Annie and the references to the Ski Lodge to move closer to Daphne realizing
9/24 c10 6Smthnborrowediamblue
9/22 c10 48KeepingUpDisappearances
I thought I'd reviewed this but I guess I didn't? But I love the last two chapters! Especially with Daphne trying to convince herself she's not at least a little interested in Niles.
9/22 c10 Crawleyfan
This is a really good story. I am so glad that Daphne is starting to realize her feelings.
9/22 c10 Guest
I love how you wrote Daphne here and how she is struggling to convince herself she's not interested in Niles.
9/20 c9 JennZofJC
This is so good! I’m looking forward to more. You’ve done a great job with the descriptions and dialog. I feel like I’m watching a lost episode!
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