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for The Missing Mastermind Job

9/25 c31 7Cgarcia555
Nice way to end it all. Good story. I enjoyed it.
9/25 c31 carebear818
A terrific story. Full of twists and turns and sorrow. Involved everyone. Thanks for your writing skills. Definitely enjoy your stories.
9/25 c30 carebear818
Oh dear. Tell me Nate had a bullet proof vest on or something. How many times can he be shot. He does have a death wish.
9/25 c29 carebear818
This story gives me something to
Look forward to read. I am waiting to see what will happen next. Live your stories.
9/24 c28 carebear818
I like the conversation between Eliot and Nate. It was very real.
9/24 c27 carebear818
I think there is a lot more involved than what this chapter is saying. So ok. I’ll wait and see. Great this far. I trust your imagination.
9/24 c26 carebear818
Thanx for the fast chapter. Sure hope Nate’s plan will work. Hope is the operative word.
9/24 c25 carebear818
Oh brother. A new twist. Know Nate will not agree to killing Sterling but I bet there is a con and a plan. Good chapter.
9/24 c24 carebear818
Glad Nate is getting better but now a new twist to the story. You are very creative and keep us in suspense. Thank you for updating so quickly.
9/24 c24 Guest
The plot thickens! I’m enjoying your story.
9/23 c23 Cgarcia555
OMG you did it again! Left us hanging! You know you’re getting quite good at that. Now stop it’ll haha.
9/23 c23 carebear818
Yea. Finally woke up. But now what? Hard to wait for another chapter.
9/22 c22 carebear818
They finally found Nate but at what cost. Harrison did have a good idea about bringing Nate home. Familiar place. How long will it take? Next chapter please. Can’t leave it like this.
9/22 c21 Cgarcia555
The retrieval Specialst is on the prowl once again.
9/22 c21 carebear818
An interesting development. Good tracking to find Dressler. Let’s hope that Nate is still alive. Love your details and story flow. Hope not too long to wait for more.
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