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for Harry Potter Kills Dolores Umbridge

10/26 c1 11Murkatroyd
Your writing is good, but your story itself peters out for me after the trial. Too many of the usual tropes and plot elements tells me this ultimately went the safe route. Best of luck going forward.
10/14 c1 7jabarber69
Hey cool story...but if this was not fiction then he should of had amelia put up a memory of the dork lards rebirth and who showed up for it! at his trial of course...

P.S. Thanks for writing this and also for posting...
9/30 c1 SLYNNR
9/22 c1 3ObsessedWithHPFanFic
Great one-shot and I liked Harry's attitude. Thanks for sharing!
9/20 c1 1themadmartian
Way to tell them Harry.
9/14 c1 ak
bonne fic!
9/10 c1 1Potter Abducted by Penguins
An excellent story!
9/10 c1 LiteratureSoccerEnthusiast
Another lovely story for us to read, thanks for sharing your work. Glad you had Harry work hard to achieve what he did. I always like reading about a smart and hard working Harry who uses logic and common sense to fight everyone who is always against him.
9/9 c1 Black-Warlock
Great little story was fun to read
9/9 c1 mumphie
At the end there, I was wondering if it was turning into a Film Noir script! I also was wondering what happened to the Marauders. Interesting.
9/8 c1 hufflepuffsandmarshmallows
i loved it was really good but one suggestion, i do a lot of fan fiction wrighting and one thing ive learned, it doestent become such a hit when its in a first persion veiw. but great story other wise.. ;3 (sorry for bad spelling.)
9/8 c1 4hemotem
A good story, that is filled with cliché after cliché, that I still enjoyed it hehe. Thank you for the read and I hope to read more of your work in the near future.
9/8 c1 Sirwormalot
I’m surprised you didn’t make him the heir of the Hogwart houses, turn Hedwig into a pheonix, give him a dual core wand and a harem.
9/8 c1 23Rori Potter
Wow! Amazing story!

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