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11/25 c61 17DS2010
more off the books missions
11/24 c60 DS2010
Glad Gibbs is feeling better and being able to talk about what happened, hopefully this will lessen the nightmares.
Can't wait for them to capture Rebecca and her crew as well as the new regime taking over for the Hernandez clan
11/23 c59 DS2010
This is not going to be easy but I hope they find the answers they need to help Jethro recover and but any one left of this gang in a deep dark hole.
11/22 c58 DS2010
Would love to use those needles on that doctor
11/19 c57 DS2010
All those vivid dreams are scary. Gibbs having to relive them over and over.
I did enjoy the moments with the shower and flirting after
11/17 c56 DS2010
Sigh poor Jethro reliving every moment
11/16 c55 DS2010
glad Loreil is there for him even if not in the same bed
11/15 c54 DS2010
nice to see the two of the cuddling
11/14 c53 DS2010
Enjoyed the double teaming
11/13 c52 DS2010
Have to had it to Loreile for calling Jethro out about the pity party he is having
11/12 c51 DS2010
Feel for Jethro and Loreile they are going through a lot with a lot of emotions
11/11 c50 DS2010
at least Jethro is talking instead of bottling up what happened
11/10 c49 DS2010
Glad to see Gibbs awake
11/9 c48 DS2010
Glad Gibbs made it home, he is going to have a really long road to recovery.
11/8 c47 DS2010
better than expected is the best we can do.
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