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2/13 c5 Megyusha
I think option 2 sounds nice but in the end its your decision
and i loved how you stood your ground against those who just bullie people because they themselves have no guts.

so have a nice day and i cant wait for the next chapter
2/13 c5 Greyfox2
Solid enough chapter, few typos, you might need to give it a small editing pass. Option two sounds preferable, it leaves a way to make for a more unique variation among the characters, if anything having Naruto learning from his mother along with the fox and his dad's techniques he should be good, if you include some magecraft. Heck, why not have him learn some med-nin from his aunt Tsunade?
2/12 c5 monkiepawn
Chakra chains, if they can also affect magic then they will be game changer against the vamps.
Nice chapter, usually I dont really enjoy Shirou for his character, always been a fan of EMIYA or a little bit of both in one Shirou, I just hope this Shirou gets a bit more of a personality, not the one with a damp emotional robot bland slow and bullheaded character.

Thanks for the update!
2/9 c5 jjj
para naruto:

dale las cadenas normales el ya va tener el kyuby y a ashura para que darle los poderes de shirou el no tiene el miso origen y las canicas de realidad son cosas unicas para cada persona.

give him the normal chains he will already have the kyuby and ashura so that he can give him shirou's powers they do not have the same origin and the marbles of reality are unique things for each person.
2/11 c5 67Foxsky Harem Emperor 2015
I thought it would unlock his past lives memories but way stop at chance it could evolve that ability.
2/10 c5 Harbinger of Mayhem
Go with option 2 it would make more sense in universe
2/10 c4 BlaxLL
Naruto already has both halves of the Kyuubi, why the heck would he need Shirou's power? There's cool super powers and then there's too many dasuper powers. The chain thing is a bit more reasonable, but don't make things complicated.
2/10 c5 1Dimihd
I think it's better not to change Naruto's abilities. Let him be himself, even if it makes him Sasuke compared to Shirou.
2/10 c5 kakaroto1997
Buen cap
2/10 c5 1Sesshoru
Third option, have Naruto be the reincarnation of Enkidu.
2/9 c5 2Ryuujin96
Great work on this chapter and on this story. And I would like to see Naruto get Shirou's power. Though I wish the second option wasn't just Chakra Chains, since I don't find that option very interesting. Also I really liked your response to the guest review. One last thing, will Naruto have a romantic pairing, and will it be a single pairing or harem
2/9 c5 yukkikage666
Liked and Followed! Though to be honest the names of Rider, Saber, Luvia and Illya kinda throw me off due to Naruto being a fuedal Japan setting but all in all I like it
2/9 c5 6Rankin de Merthyr
'Able to use Shirou power'

What the heck is Shirou power? XD
2/9 c5 14RedBurningDragon
Tbh at most i feel Naruto should get Reinforcement from Shirou since he wouldnt really meet the requirements to fully replicate Shirou’s abilities IE reality marble
2/9 c5 TrueVirtuoso
Soo does kushina have access to the third magic? If i rmb, the third magic allows someone to summon servants and (probably) a better version of rinne tensei. She could revive minato and other loved ones during the 4th great ninja war to get rid of the mind control from kabuto. Will kiritsugu make an appearance? I am sorry for saying this, somehow I feel like shipping kiritsugu and kushina in your fic for some reason. Maybe minato becoming a demi servant of kiritsugu or smthing? (sry for my rambling)
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