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for Apart but Together

9/10 c1 Guest
I really love this and how you write their relationships! If we don’t get something similar to this in the show, I’m suing Holby XD
9/10 c1 2godxrd
How did I miss this?! This is amazing and I miss them sooooo much
9/9 c1 32IseultLaBelle
What on Earth were you worried about? This was wonderful! I love the way you write their interactions with each other, I reread it all to really take in the dialogue and I still can’t choose a favourite line, but I think I’ve narrowed it down to “and how are you really?” (Sums up everything I love about protective mum Ange beautifully!) , Dom insisting that his back to front toilet roll is definitely the right way round and “next you’ll be trying to convince me it’s the snack fairy.” So realistic and I can practically hear them all saying these! I thought the contrast between Ange’s conversations with each of her kids worked so well, you’ve written her relationship with them brilliantly and the light-hearted moments in with Ange’s concern for her kids was just perfect. And I LOVE the ending, Dom and Chloe suddenly shy with each other when Dom’s secret is out but united in their embarrassment at Ange finding it all so adorable. This was wonderful, and it was extra lovely to finally have some more Godard fanfiction to read! Welcome to the professionals club ;)
9/9 c1 mccann22
Fabulous, I love these stories of Ange, Chole and Dom's relationship. I hope we get to see this on TV. Great writing. Can't believe it's your first attempt, big congratulations on that! Please don't quit writing Godard Fics!
9/9 c1 hc-fletchard
Oh my gosh- it’s fantastic. I love it. The whole concept of the story is lovely and this is such a heartwarming read. I really enjoyed it.

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