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10/24 c4 7RedRat8
Well, least we know that people like Kowen is around still, Stardust Memory didn't say much about what happened to him, he was most likely either let go or rid of after the Titans purged the EF for anyone that might have had sympathy for Spacenoids. But at the very least with people like Kowen around, innocent lives won't be destroyed just yet. I'm curious, were there any EF Officials that managed to get promoted to help make a difference, as small as it is? Like say Kojima, Darrell Godwin, or Saki Dessau?
10/22 c3 11Moonreaper666
Again, you don't get it. No matter how many articles Kai writes about Side 3 civilians it's not going to gain them any sympathy from the Federation, NONE. If Kai was doing this during the time of F91 or Victory then he may have a chance as the hate against Side 3 would have subsided by then

[[You really want Side 3 to be seen as human by the rest of humanity?]] You need to show the Federation's ugly side. The Federation didn't do anything wrong in your or in Canon. That is why I told you Admiral Connily should have been committing war crimes, like blowing up Side 3 colonies, while the Moore Brotherhood was used as distraction. Right now as it stands, the Titans can destroy a Side 3 colony and 99.9% of the Federation would either be apathetic or joyful

You want humanity to care about Side 3? The only way to do it is something neither you or Kai wish but it NEEDS TO HAPPEN. The Titans need to be just as or more brutal than Zeon in a specific way AND Side 3 needs to offer Gandhi's NONVIOLENT resistance to them, watch the Gandhi movie. Let me explain.

The Titans attempt to gas or nuked a Side 4 colony because they are protesting against Federation corruption. Side 3 militia and civilians are nearby and try to intervene BUT Jamitov gives them a warning. IF SIDE 3 OPENS FIRE ON THE TITANS IT WOULD BE SEEN AS AN ACT OF WAR BY THE FEDERATION! So the Side 3 militia and civilians do the only thing they can do...

...They act as human/metal shields to protect the Side 4 colony. Even as the Titans gun down or slash their Zakus or merchant ships for OVER TWO HOURS Side 3 continues to offer NONVIOLENT RESISTANCE. (Zakus take any shots coming from the Titans. Merchant ships block the airlocks so the colony can't be gassed) The Side 4 colony is saved from destruction. However, this angers Jamitov so he orders the Titans to attack Side 3 colonies even though there are Federation people there!

Jallianwala Bagh massacre in Space. The Side 3 militia does not fire upon the Titans even as they ravage a few Side 3 colonies but instead block the Titans fire. Side 3 officials evacuate the Federation citizens, women and children first. Kai Shiden films the entire thing giving Revil the leverage to bypass the corrupt Federation and put a stop to the carnage. Londo Bell is ordered to stop the Titans. Maharaja Khan's forces protect the shuttles containing Federation civilians from the Titans

Now humanity sees the Titans as no different as Zeon and Side 3 as humans not monsters, selflessly trading their lives to save others even if those people hated them. Maharaja's last words are imploring Side 3 to never use hate or give up hope but strive for a better future for all of humanity. Revil pushes through bills to help Side 3 and help reconciliation. Londo Bell receives an influx of volunteers from Side 3. Wealth redistribution is voluntarily made by the Federation elite to try to help everyone still suffering from the war, even those from Side 3

Look you don't like me but you can't say I am wrong. Gundam UC is just Real Life history repeating itself in cycles. You want your story have a happy ending? You need to show Side 3 doing something very altruistic and sacrificial, have them break the chain of violence they started. Side 3 at this point is like British Colonial India mixed with postwar Germany. Rip off the story of firefighters saving people during 9/11 if you have to

Funny enough you bring up religion in your Gundam story when in Canon everyone is Atheist/Agnostic. Zeon Fascism filled the void left in Side 3's heart before the war, now fille Side 3 with something greater
10/20 c3 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Good chapter nice that here Kai meets Merc again and is starting his investigation also it's interesting to stories in different parts of the timeline here. Finally yes Jame bond nonsense Gundam the origin and Kai's spin-off novels give that vibe but the more subdued ones.
10/20 c3 7RedRat8
Well this should be fun, wonder how many people Kai will interview at Side 3, got an idea as to how many you're doing?
10/18 c2 11Moonreaper666
How many people did Side 3 lose in the One Year War? If its not 1.25 Billion then Kai's efforts will be all for nothing. Axis Powers did lose 1 person for every Allied soldier or civilian they killed yet the Allies and all of humanity gives them a lot of shit even after they are trying for several decades to redeem themselves

There should be Federation citizens in Side 3 just shouting how horrible they are and that they all deserve to die. They should ask Kai what has Side 3 done to renounce its evil past and take actions for what they've done. Side 3 NEEDS a Gandhi movement, even if Federation citizens start shooting at Side 3 they cannot retaliate at all

For every starving orphan in Side 3, plenty more are in the other Sides and on Earth. Why shouldn't the kids of the Federation take priority over those in Side 3? Ericka Yugo is not important

A Federation citizen should show the picture of his/her dead family to Ericka Yugo and tell her that she should have died instead. Graffiti on the walls, "5.5 Billion Dead, Blood for Blood!"

It is impossible for Kai's efforts to work if Axis were to be a serious threat. If Axis commits a colony drop or nuclear explosion expect Side 3 to be ERADICATED.

The question is why should the rest of humanity give a damn about Side 3 if they haven't gone out of their way to redeem themselves (like taking the brunt of the Titans' war crimes and not using it as a reason to commit war crimes themselves) or voluntarily help Federation citizens devastated by the war they cause?

Side 3 is not going out of its way to help the other Sides or the people of Earth. They can voluntarily donate one or more of their space colonies to the Federation as one good gesture, but they need to do a lot more in little time. Side 3 needs to undergo DeNazification and voluntarily donate resources for several Centuries.

If Side 3 does not go out of their way to reconcile with their past, expect a lot of Federation citizens to side with the Titans. And the Titans will feed the anti-Side 3 sentiment the way we all know they do, gassing or blowing up Side 3 colonies. The Titans can stay in power FOR SEVERAL DECADES just by exploiting hate of Side 3

Even by the time of Reconguista, people from Side 3 (as well as those from Germany, Italy and Japan) will still get crap for what their ancestors did!
9/29 c2 R reyes
you crafty son of a who... still you sly dog you dint see that coming HA keep them coming man
9/29 c2 4Dragon lord Syed 101
short but good I find it funny that james bond stuff happens in between all of the mobile suit action
9/29 c2 7RedRat8
Kind of sad for Erika to have a chip on her shoulder, lass needs a already we see that Kai's having some flashbacks to the One Year War.
9/9 c1 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Kai has a mission also the AI know what people like in ladies
9/9 c1 26Titanic X
Okay! I loved those three AIs! XD Especially Slick's antics! XD
9/9 c1 R reyes
:} the miss adventures of kai and c.o nice the only thing is missing is the the beautiful hot lady hapner if he meets her again hope to see it dude also a dog... nah a haro would be better
9/9 c1 7RedRat8
I'm curious, how the former Zeon Soldiers that were POWs doing right now? I am curious as to where some of them had went to like say Hepner and Aina. Oh and Shio Amada as the new pilot of the RX-78-7? That's a surprise, since I thought the Federation would keep it in relation for their Newtype Research to see if they could use a Mobile Suit like that and see if it's possible to give it the Wired Funnel Bits like the a version of the Gundam Alex did. But if there's anyone who could use the RX-78-7, then it would have to be Shiro if only for the fact that he took out a Mobile Suit with a Ball. Also question, do you plan to make members of the Phantom Sweep Corps part of Londo Bell? Phantom Sweep Corps is from the not so popular game Mobile Suit Gundam: Battlefield Record U.C. 0081 where the RX-78-7 7th Gundam came from as well.

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