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5/3 c10 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Well things are getting messy also I wonder will the Republic of Zeon rebound like in canon or fall under stress
5/3 c10 8RedRat8
Nice chapter, wonder if we'll see Zeon Fanatics from the side stories and materials in the Gundam UC Era in here as fanatics.
3/15 c9 R reyes
i truly hate jamitov i really do. i hope when you deal with him on the story he suffers. a lot dude really do he believes that the earthnoids are better than anyone or superior. yeah well he saw how superior he was when that purple snake paptimus i think the pilot of the O mobile suit
3/14 c9 RedRat8
Oh sweet, Aina and Shiro are married and don't have to fake their deaths! That is totally awesome, and Norris and Ginias are alive as well, I can imagine Norris retiring from active duty from the war and instead of joining up with the Militia, he decided to stay with Ginias to give him some stability in his life and help him out when he can to make sure he doesn't go off the deep end. I wonder who attended the wedding though, was it just Shiro's team and their closest friends and families, or did they invite people from White Base as well?
3/14 c9 4Dragon lord Syed 101
Hey Aina here neat to see here also Kai continues his reporting also more false flag attacks
3/14 c8 11Moonreaper666
It shouldn't be surprising that Mobile Platforms under the control of Pro-Titan Federation personnel are either inflicting vengeance-polgroms on Side 3, off the books or with the truth discarded...

...or indiscriminately using weapons on Side 3's streets that have Zeon rebels as well as Zeon civilians

Like using Napalm or White Phosporous on any place in Side 3 suspected of having Zeon Terrorists, even if it's found out later there weren't any

Jamitov and Bask Ohm's connections would allow the Pro-Titan Federation members to continue using Explosive weapons on civilian areas in Side 3

Thanks to Operation Stardust, even though it failed, the heavy-handed tactics the Proto-Titans are using on Side 3 can be used more often, Revil can't stop every Mobile platform or Titan personnel on Side 3 from performing Black-Ops Kill missions

Reminds me of the escalation of the War of Terror and American Police Raids and Police Brutality. Side 3 houses being raided, Mobile Platforms killing the occupants and PLANTING 'evidence' so that Revil can't do anything...

...Especially if so many happen at the same time. Revil should be accused of letting Side 3 get away with Genocide

I wonder if you 6-4 Pilot have the Balls to potray that happening and having Kai see it facehand? Or you're just another fourth-rate 'writer' full of cowardice and disrespect for the Lore?
3/13 c8 8RedRat8
You tried Kai, you tried, but not everyone's big on accepting help, also excellent chapter here and the likes.
3/13 c8 R reyes
its truly sad that those who shoulder a heavy burden and pain wont ask for help because of pride. but some times asking for help will help heal those deep wounds. just like has happened now with the virus. we have reach half a million now its its only matter of time be fore the America reach the million mark soon do of fools that think that now there is a vaccine we are ok but no we are not this was mother nature warning us to what is happening to the world. Donald Retarded small dick trump ignore the scientist warnings from the virus and the global change. for fuck sake look at the forest fires and the snow storms that hit Texas not to long ago 2 of my aunts live there on Midland and me and my. mom came from there on December thank god we dint caught the virus. sorry i rambled any way but it helps keep on writing dude this story show a different view of zeon or the federation
3/2 c7 11Moonreaper666
Do the GM Troopers in Side 3 have access to lethal weaponry? If so, why aren't the Titans trying to get authority over them so they can kill everyone in Side 3?

Aren't the Headhunter AIs working for Jamitov? Could he use them to massacre Side 3?

Even if Kai released his story I doubt the government and civilians of the entire Federation would listen to him. The Gundam pilot of the Moore Brotherhood would have no qualms in wiping out Side 3

You failed on your promise to show the EF commit war crimes during the OYW

Funny how you are fine with showing Side 3 terrorists attack Kai and other Federation personnel. Yet you don't show Federation soldiers and civilians killing Side 3 citizens
2/27 c7 4Dragon lord Syed 101
good chapter also the Titans are planning more false Flag attacks and Kai says how it is.
2/27 c7 8RedRat8
Interesting, also will you be using Gundam Legacy content as well?
2/10 c6 4Dragon lord Syed 101
well short but Kai and the rest got into a bar fight and riot
2/9 c6 8RedRat8
Grammar Mistake, you wrote. "I'm going to help stabilize Hepner." Said Hepner. Should be Erika.
2/5 c5 11Moonreaper666
How many of Side 3's population died in your OYW? If its One billion then they did suffer and maybe forgiven a century later (Side 3 is the biggest Side with their space colonies having more people)

If its just hundreds of millions Forget It. The Allies lost 5 of theirs for every Axis soldier or civilian killed in WW2 and they dismantled Germany post-war
2/4 c5 R reyes
been a while since you updated dude and i think i forgot so never mind dude so keep this going man
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