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10/12 c5 2Fuck Names
I hope Percy beats the shit out of him.
10/11 c4 Fuck Names
I'm Batman. Man I burst out laughing, hope you keep Percy's witty nature. And good to see Zeus getting hate.
9/21 c17 ArtemRus
Can you change your priority a little bit to this story please.
It's interesting to read especially when you have so unique setting for it.
I really tired of kind Percy that appears in other fictions. I prefer brutal Percy that can kill people
9/1 c12 Svenion
what kind of retard does a shoulder tackle on the giant monster instead of getting stabby? lemme guess, this is to set up a giant , convoluted and ansty 57 chapter arc, resulin a more depressing story wirh even more dire consequences down the line? good ol' dumb heroes.
8/25 c11 1Damien NightFall
What? Not even a slight slap on the wrist for Percy literally betraying SEVERAL massive secrets that are not supposed to be known by ANYONE to a random girl he knew for all of 2 minutes? I dont mind the pairing, hell I like it, but forcing it down our throats like you are is just making me dislike it.

Excuse me? He blessed Reyna... The random pretty girl he never met, knew nothing of, the only thing he knew was she abandoned Circe despite her providing them with shelter and care? A blessing, Im going to go ahead and guess, is an INCREDIBLY rare thing. It makes literally 0 sense why Hades would bless her without atleast spending some time around her.
8/25 c10 Damien NightFall
Ok no actually, we haven't seen Hades even be notified that Reyna is tagging along, but if he is fine with it, WHY! Did percy just say theres a pretty girl that he has a crush on and so is doing everything and anything for her? Because thats what it seems like. He took Percy in because he was a powerful demigod and the child of prophecy, Reyna is just another demigodess of a somewhat powerful Roman goddess. Also won't the combination of a roman and greek demigod/godess create conflict within the underworld gods?
8/25 c9 Damien NightFall
Oh god this entire arc with Reyna is annoying honestly, its so heavily forced down our throat that I just don't want to read anymore of it. Why did he think he could trust her? Oh just a random feeling. Why did he let her come along? Oh just a random feeling. Why is he taking him with her instead of sending her to camp jupiter? Oh just a feeling.

Also, why the hell would Hades agree to take her? I imagine he won't, because he has literally 0 reason to agree to Percys desire for a random girl he just met to tag along.
8/25 c7 Damien NightFall
Eh the entire scene with Reyna was incredbly forced, he meets her and like 2 minutes later decides she's the most trustworthy person in the world and tells her of the VERY strict secret of the Greek and Roman gods? Makes no sense, then he just casually lets them drag themselves along on a quest they have no reason to be on, stealing them away from Circe who had done nothing against them, essentially slighting her.
8/19 c17 1KumquatMan
Please dedicate more to this. I love Renya x Percy stories and this one is masterfully crafted as well as not just being super over powered Percy.
8/19 c1 2x-kid11
amazing story. Hope you update soon.
8/19 c17 Uday Sra
Awesome. Please update soon
8/19 c17 HellRaiderS
Finally an update
Loved it keep the updates coming
8/18 c17 1kyuubi7
Glad to see more of this wonderful fic, thanks for the update!
8/3 c1 1Darksaber14
great so far - update soon pls
6/30 c16 McL1008
Love it
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