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for A Light in the Heart

9/16 c1 110SingerMe
When the story is good, there are never enough chapters.
9/13 c11 shirley waldrip
This story had EVERYTHING a wonderful story must have... except,a happy ending. I know Sam had to stay in Dodge but when my family found me in my Gunsmoke room crying they thought someone died (I am in my late seventies and it does happen).Your stories are unique and well written. You have a great grasp of those who live in Dodge. Gunsmoke to me is more than just another cowboy show. It became an important part of helping me live though a most miserable childhood,I pretended to lived in Dodge where people loved me and I felt safe. I do not recommend this but it worked for me about the therapy session. We love your stories. We are so pleased that you have given many new ones to read over and over again. Thanks again
9/14 c11 57lostcowgirl
Thank you for a beautiful yet tragic love story for Sam. I was tempted to write something after each wonderful chapter, but was too engrossed in the story to stop reading long enough to do that. I sensed Chiara's secret, but wasn't certain of it until Sam proposed. Perhaps she may reenter his life in the future, but alas it can't be before his heart gives out as we know from GS canon.
9/11 c5 LovingmesomeMK
I can hear the music, please gone on. Love your writing!
9/13 c11 nanajojo
Wonderful and sad. Poor Sam.️
9/13 c11 52shari
Leave it to kitty’s inner conversation to say what we are all thinking. Sam is such a gentle soul. Time will heal
9/13 c10 52shari
Such a heartfelt and painful chapter. Yes she should of told Sam. She broke his heart purposely
9/11 c3 LovingmesomeMK
Really feeling this warm, sweet story today. Can't wait for more.
9/12 c7 52shari
Such a sweet chapter Sam deserves some tender moments. It was a win win for the employers of the long Branch. Chester is dense as ever
9/11 c6 nanajojo
This is so good. Thanks ️
9/11 c6 52shari
Of course Chester would want to know about food and Do. About medicine. Kitty has very good intuition about people. Hope Sam doesn’t get hurt
9/11 c3 52shari
Lovely way with words to tell of dames inner thoughts and turmoil
9/10 c3 nanajojo
Great start.️
9/10 c1 52shari
Such a descriptive way with setting up the living quarters and the secrete garden

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