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for Everyone Deserves Love (Heather xOc)

11/16 c25 4wing slash 1
I enjoyed the story, I completely understand the decision and hope you enjoy your rest! Thanks again for the story.
11/7 c24 682mary.okeeffe.16
Oh my. Be strong Kev
10/22 c20 mary.okeeffe.16
I remember that episode.

DJ, your going to be fine.

Plus Gwen sure knows her horror movies.
10/8 c2 2pensuka
Nice use of professor Layton reference with that "true gentleman" bit
10/7 c14 682mary.okeeffe.16
Aww, I love that Heather called Kevin her knight in shinning armor
10/2 c13 1austin012603
This was a very interesting challenge and I love Heather and Kevin talking about there pets. It was so cute just as cute it was with her resting her head on his shoulder.
9/22 c12 682mary.okeeffe.16
I remember this episode, the ending in the original was heartwarming.
9/20 c12 1austin012603
Amazing chapter. Heather and Kevin finally a couple and nice job describing the kiss scene.
9/20 c11 austin012603
Poor Heather getting locked up in the freezer. Kevin so sweet taking care of her. He was so close to telling her how he feels.
9/20 c10 austin012603
I think Kevin is a nice guy. Because he believes everyone deserves to be care and treat nice even if they can be mean. Also I think they should get together in chapter 11 because I feel Kevin should tell her how he feels before she fall in love with another guy. Even though that not going to happen.
9/18 c11 682mary.okeeffe.16
Citrus Macadamia yum
9/17 c9 1austin012603
Great chapter. Also I think Heather gave Kevin really good advice. My favorite challenge I think is probably the cooking challenge that comes after the paintball challenge.
9/15 c2 jessical121500
I would say maybe get together towards the end of season 1 of Total drama island.
9/15 c1 jessical121500
Great chapter. I think Kev and Heather growing relationship off to a good start.
9/15 c8 austin012603
I thought Heather kissing Kevin on the cheek was so adorable. I also hope he get the courage to ak her out maybe in chapter 11. I also think having chapters on there regular day of life maybe Kevin in the orphanage and maybe getting adopted or him at school. During the timeskip before the next season would be interesting to read.
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