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for The Self-Destructive Tendencies of Infants

9/12 c1 8helpfulfairy92
This is so SOFT and PERFECT and I might be sobbing
Just *chefs kiss*
Thank you for sharing
9/12 c1 sekretny
This is adorable. The Mikealson feels are making me swoon. You did such a good job portraying Elijah as a protective and caring brother. So insightful. Sometimes I wouldn't even understand how Klaus' siblings were able to put up with him but stories such as yours make it perfectly understandable!
9/11 c1 MalTheDragonQueen
AWWWWW baby Niklaus! please do more of these of the originals when they were little like, Freya and baby Finn or Rebecca when she was little and Henrik? maybe even like, a comparison thingy of Hope as an infant vs her family's own childhoods and experiences with their siblings.

so cUTE
9/10 c1 Pinkienath
Ooohh i love this baby relationship bztween elijha and klaus m'y favorites ...so cure whennthey are young love a lot thanks

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