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1/10 c11 2Ash the Aura Guardian
I wonder why Rin and Sakura left Shirou to die in the burning building (if that's what happened), but I bet everything that just happened will come back to bite the Tohsaka clan in the ass. The fact that Shirou ended up protecting the ones who were supposed to protect him, and got kidnapped as a result...well, I'm not sure who's gonna take it worse; Illya, or Saber. Kiritsugu might (key word being 'might') be able to make a concession, since his info being flawed was the whole reason Tokiomi thought his home was safer than the Einzbern manor (and his misdirection with EMIYA was the reason the Tohsaka manor became a target in the first place), but I don't think Illya would care about that. Saber might've been the most rational here, but she saw Shirou die once already, waited a millennium and a half to reunite with him, literally changed the world so she could make sure he was born...only to find that he was kidnapped by her crazed son while protecting the Tohsaka family.

Yep, the entire Holy Grail War is about to see the terrifying power of an Artoria Pendragon with unlimited energy, amazing stats, control of magecraft, and a major bone to pick.

Also, wow. Mordred straight-up kidnapped a kid so she could keep her daddy's sword at arm's reach.
1/6 c11 Guest
In all I am very much enjoying the chapters, thank you! I like your story and the characters are quite reasonable, they were enhanced and quite enjoyable. I am so glad that this isn’t the type of concubines harem that I initially thought of (yet), I usually skipped them when they get sticky and it’s just me not harem fan. But I do find it quite puzzled how little Rin is portrayed here so far, she definitely gave the impression of a spoil egocentric regressed child, many Rins were shaped by her childhood tragic, her early lost of her family from the fourth war, and the madman Kirei, and some fics having her over the roof tsundere. I am very curious on what you want to achieve from her here, I would like to think all characters have their roles, purposes and story to tell. I can’t wait for more and how you will shape her, or is she just another plain one here attaching to the story.
1/3 c11 UhterPendragon
God I hate his little bug so much I hope his death will be a long and painful one and the author two too
Well great chapter by the way and awesome work you have done hope to see more in the future
1/2 c10 Guest
Love the monty python refs!
1/3 c11 8Elsil
I honestly was not enjoying this story very much. The rythym and flow just felt... off for much of it, mostly because (imo) you're trying to set things up for what will happen during the FSN part. And while I do not dislike an extra powerful Shirou (it can be fun to see what authors do with his abilities), I personally prefer when there is an equal or greater power (antagonist, villain, etc...) in those types of stories that can stand up to, or beat back, the hero(es). Which this one seemed to lack, as the good guys kept on getting stronger and stronger with no apparent counterbalancing force.

Then you veered way off into your AU and things got interesting XD.

I am very, very curious to see how you handle a Caster with a nearly inexhaustible supply of mana, especially when he is teamed up with the Servant partner summoned in this chapter. I also really enjoyed the Banquet of Kings additions you made, though Mordred felt somewhat... off, during it (though I really liked her reaction to meeting Lancer).

My favorite parts, however, are the ending ones. I'd personally like to see Tokiomi die, especially since his death plays such a big role in shaping Rin's life, but I could see the redeemed version of him living. Other parts I liked were Mordred's reaction to Shirou's sword and her following actions, Waver getting dragged around by his fellow Brits, and Saber's reaction to Assassin's 'mommy' comment (that made me chuckle for a bit). The mage duel was also nice, and not something I've seen done very often in fics which cover Fate Zero.

Overall I definitely enjoy your Ranma fic more. But this is a nice addition and one that I will be keeping an eye on :)

12/29/2020 c11 Phoenix
Ugg Zouken needs to be eliminated even more so than he did before. Thanks for the update and I hope you're doing well.
12/30/2020 c2 makoto88
muy buena historia tanto por lo original y la actitud de Arturia donde esta empezando a ser egoístas con sus deseos ya quiero ver cuando confronte a la Lanza y como Shiruo logro crear el grial sin ser una espada esperó que continúelo
12/26/2020 c11 Neo
I have been enjoying this a lot so far, gotta ask tho. Is there any upload schedule or does it depebd chapter to chapter?
12/27/2020 c5 Josnacio
Rereading this for the (Not sure anymore) time because of the new chapter. I really like Tokiomi in this, never liked him in canon but here he seems like a somewhat nice guy (Even though he is just greedy). Gilgamesh too.
12/27/2020 c11 4Otaku97
So tokiomi is acknowledging and allowing Rin to continue her brat ways? You would think that a parent would teach their kid to not be that delusional and act like anything that does not go their way does not exist.
She is a brat, still a kid so I get it somewhat but really someone should have spoken up by now within the adults because that is the sort of stuff that result in people dying when they are killed
The amount of leeway that Rin has for any of her actions is really because of the tsundere trope but surely she needs to be taken down a peg or two and have the lesson stick?
She is delusional I say. Completely unable to accept that someone can be better than her.
That is like Kayneth level of mentality there and look at where that got him. KFC in canon and being wrecked by his servant here
12/26/2020 c1 Misaka Phenex
ehhhh i drew mysterious heroin x as my first legit looking drawing so i am happy
12/25/2020 c11 blue grimmoire
thanks for the chap man
12/25/2020 c11 34Zeromaru Chaos Mode
Shit...is Mordy about to be added to Shirou's Harem?

...that...would be interesting.
12/25/2020 c11 PanzerJ
So happy for the new chapter! This is a good Christmas gift xD

Merry Christmas Author!
12/25/2020 c11 FateBurn
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