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5/30 c21 3Booze The Klax Knight
Ugh, im so behind eith all the fanfic updates.
Anywho, just wanted to let you know that there newer was such a thing as "Soviet Socialist Republic of Poland". Unless Soviets won the Polish Soviet was or 1920. If that history remains unchanged but we still have soviets install communist government post WW2 then what you want is Polish People's Republic or alternatively People's Republic of Poland.
5/23 c2 Guest
Um, you do know that canon Shirou lost his family at the end of Fate Zero, right?
5/17 c21 Marco martinez
No me avisa cuando se actualiza
5/16 c3 zuyiko wolf
And don't address anyone here on earth as 'Father', for only God in heaven is your spiritual Father.
5/16 c2 zuyiko wolf
The Lord is compassionate and merciful, slow to get angry and filled with unfailing love.
5/15 c21 ladrod23wo
jaja siempre se me olvida agregar esta historia favoritos gran capitulo y con su cierre
5/15 c21 keybladelight
Hope fou stay with shirou he is a cute animal of destruction thst want to kill merlin and also humanity but also cute for children to petting him.
5/12 c21 Dragonaut
Love your story keep up tge fantastice work.

I have a question are you going to add senji muramasa to shirous reality marble because i think it would good to have a blacksmith teacher for shirou to have. And meet his ancestor.
5/14 c21 Kai Alard
Enjoyable chapter, looking forward to were this goes. Keep up the good work!
5/13 c21 shukkets
5/13 c21 TheManiacalMadman
This chapter was glorious!
I loved everything!
Well done, your writing is amazing!
5/12 c21 aaronintha
nice chapter. however this may seem like me nitpicking but the use of noble phantasm when referring to the actual arondight gives me internal pain. In terms of Arondight with the genuine article being stuck in albion's corpse. That isn't a noble phantasm, that is an artifact. A noble phantasm is unique to heroic spirits and servants, for something to be a noble phantasm it has to be a manifestation of the servant/Heroic spirit's legend. An easy in universe comparison is, Gray's Rhongominyad is an artifact, Lartoria's is a Noble phantasm.
5/12 c21 Brian Chen
An incredible chapter as always! I absolutely love the addition of Melusine and the secret missions from behind the scenes add so much to the story! Can't wait for more!
5/12 c1 3ObeRun
Man, I am truly grateful on stumbling upon this gem! The way you wrote stuff is fantastic. In just one chapter, you definitely hooked my interest up! The storytelling here has a unique way compared to most fate fanfictions out in this platform, in a fantastic way of course.

If there is anything that I would to give a recommendation in this fic, then I would suggest you making this its own personal cover. This might be the reason why this fic doesn't get much attention compared to other fics out there.

Not to offend you or anything, but you get the point of it, probably. Many say that don't judge a book by its cover, yet, people often DOES judge a book by its cover. The irony of that statement is apparent to many works out there.

With that said, thanks for writing this work! Hoping for more updates to come!
5/12 c21 AnimeFan13579
While the chapter was rather interesting with all the details revealed. Really I feel there was only 2 highlights to the whole chapter. Arturia being forced to call Melusine mother. And Fou paying a smackdown on Merlin as he's coming through the door. I would half expect the next chapter to start off with the kids and certain others holding banners with Fou on them giving their support for the "fight". All of which would likely be made by Shirou at their request.
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