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2/2 c12 Guest
I'm really enjoying this so far, but I have to say that there are things that are overkill. I mean, the fact that Emiya can project a freacking jet was completely wtf, you're gonna take away the meaning of UBW. There are also the super OP eyes of Shirou, the Avalon 2.0 for Sakura, new good Servants, etc.
As I said I love this fic but Im afraid that you are favoring all the protagonist and its not feeling that they can lose. right now is around 6 servants in the same side against Berserker, Gil and Caster with Mordred being rogue. Also looks like Berserker has his memories so he will probably be another ally in the future and I think that is killing a bit the tension of the situation.
That being said I'll be waiting the update desperately. Im really hyped up wanting to see Shirou meeting Lartoria to be honest. Thank you for your work
2/3 c12 Aquelieos
After reading this, I can on commend you for such an amazing story so far
2/3 c3 3AadenHelan
That is the most retarded reason i have ever read. Yes he is the second owner, so what? tell him the real answer that her master have 108 magic circuits when she know the personality of all the people in that church? Shiro is a trouble magnet already and she just put bigger target to him, sooner or later those information will go all over the places.

You are just like those people who write a gamer fic and make their characters telling all people the power they wield
2/3 c1 AadenHelan
"Strong Shirou in future chapter" that is the most stupid thing you must write in a summary lol isn't that the point of character progression where they slowly become stronger on each chapters
2/2 c12 TheGrimDragon
So, I just read through this story in its entirety today and I am loving it. I can't wait for the next chapter.
2/2 c12 SentinalSlice
I feel like Rin is getting the short end of the stick. Sakura was already her equal, but now Sakura has the Tohaska crest, and Rin is the one who was trained to inherit it. Sakura already got a protective Morgan, and some fae magic. I want Rin to get something, it just feels really unfair to her.
Also, I love that Arturia was surprised by Gilgamesh’s clairvoyance! I love how awesome Gil can be if he takes some time to think.
2/2 c12 3omegadramon2
Great chapter love these new Servats popping up but I got ask: WHY Has the Counter Force or even The Grail System not intervening at this point There Currently now Three Archers... And over half the Servant Roaster has been filled twice, so I Just can't see why a Ruler Servant has not been summon yet
2/2 c12 Falvern
I think you've kinda lost me with this chapter tbh. I already lost a good amount of interest due to this not being a purely Shirou/Artoria story. But this chapter was just a chaotic mess with so many events happening. Rin summoned Artemis, and Sakura has a Noble Phantasm that you claim to be almost as powerful as Avalon itself, and more versatile to boot. Avalon is literally the most powerful defensive Noble Phantasm in the series, yet Morgan crafted something damn near on par? Hard pass. That's on top of her Mystic Eyes, and everything that you've done to Shriou. I like a powerful Shirou as much as the next person, but it's a bit contrived in this story. And you're doing the same thing to Sakura.

Despite me unfollowing and deciding not to continue, I wish you the best. You definitely have talent when it comes to writing, so keep up the good work.
2/2 c12 Ariadne Venegas
So Sakura and Rin have a servant now!

Rin have part of his father crest witch was given to her before he left for the war, so now Sakura and her have equals parts no?
Why couldn’t do that in the first place? Mages are stupid in Fate world.

This a really big mess I really hope Caster and Gilgamesh get to fight real quick so everyone could regroup. Also I wonder where Mordred is taking Shirou? Because I believe she is not thinking too much, will she want him as her new master? Is she trying to get Arturia to her? Or she is really lost...
2/2 c12 blue grimmoire
thanks for the chapter
2/2 c12 KischurZelretch von Schweinorg
so rider medusa and archer atalante were summoned. to be honest i kinda expected rider, and if i think about atalante, then the fact that artemis is now with merlin is kinda expected. but i am kinda thinking that it would have been better to summon grand archer orion in this situation. i also wonder how arthuria will react to EMIYA beeing shiro
2/2 c12 AzureTemplar3535
This are about to get epic
2/2 c12 2Ash the Aura Guardian
Holy shit, Shirou's the Lesser Grail! This means Iri's safe, but Shirou...man, this piece of information is gonna cause some serious panic when it gets discovered. Also, EMIYA being able to project magic-powered fighter jets thanks to his connection to Shirou's Reality Marble is just...I don't even know what to say, honestly. I wonder if he'll also be able to project other stuff, like cars...or luxury yachts...

Also, two unexpected new child Masters are part of the war now. Seems like no matter what happens, Rin is doomed to summon Archers. As for Sakura...first of all, ew! Did Merlin really mean something like that when he told Morgan to wait for the moment 'when the father's arms reach his daughter once more'? Because holy crap, that was far from the heartwarming rescue I had in mind! That guy has a twisted sense of humor, that's for sure. Also, for a moment I thought she would summon Morgan Le Fay. I'm glad that wasn't the case, because having Rider back is much cooler. And that shadow version of Avalon implanted within her...I can't even begin to imagine how much of a monster this version of Sakura will be in combat.

By the way, that shadow sheath turning Avalon into a 'native land' for her seems to indicate that Sakura, at the very least, will join Shirou in his and Artoria's afterlife this time around. I'm honestly not sure how to feel about that, since I kinda held on to the hope that Artoria will have exclusive monopoly over Shirou for the eternity they'll spend together in Avalon...and honestly, now I'm starting to wonder how the other girls will even be able to convince her to 'share' Shirou. I hope it's not the whole 'they're all a polyamorous pack and love each other equally!' nonsense that's shown up in some of the fanfics I've read, since at least for Artoria, I don't see her really falling in love with anyone except Shirou.

Speaking of Artoria, she's handling Shirou's disappearance surprisingly well! I honestly thought it would've driven her into a mad frenzy; for all she knows, the guy she loves is being held hostage by not only a knight with serious anger issues, but also a mage who would love nothing more than to use Shirou as a test subject to further his own research. Despite all that, she's able to prioritize the safety of the Emiyas, save Okita from Gilgamesh, and also annihilate Caster's familiars. It's honestly the most logical option for Shirou's well-being, since anyone who knows him would also know that anyone dying for his sake would just feed his self-loathing, and nobody in this story knows Shirou quite as well as Fate Artoria...still, it was an unexpectedly rational decision.

Anyway, can't wait to read the next chapter!
2/2 c12 4hnh058513
Wait so Boudica now can potentially become a Spirit bound to UBW like Archer?
2/2 c12 Crazy9087
Shit Atalanta and Medusa have now joined this chaos. Love how Gilgamesh can cause issues for his foes even when forced to work for them and not even trying to.
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