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2/7 c12 theonlyhi
Glad I found this story. Can't wait for the next chapter
2/5 c5 3DarkFusion
You know your take on Okita kind of reminds me Okita Alter in a way; I definitely like it. Though come to think it, just how crazy will things get if she and Taiga meet? Anyway I am also liking Morgan doing some of her own time meddling but with Sakura; given you're building up her having a better life I do wonder if by the time we get to the 5th Grail War time we're going to get some version of wrestler Sakura from Apocrypha. Am curious though what Tokiomi plans to do now that he's confirmed the truth and what Gil meant. Speaking of I am liking the path you're taking with him and young Shirou in finding value in him as a servant as it does match with Caster Gil finding value in Ritsuka and co. during Babylonia (and considering Merlin's involvement in this story I can't help but wonder if that's a coincidence). Also nice little subplot of Ilya and Gray tagging along; can't wait to see how that affects things.
2/5 c4 DarkFusion
Glad to see Kiritsugu and co. are getting some extra info as well, should be especially interesting given Kiritsugu has experienced everything up to the end of his life in canon. Over on Saber's end I must say I'm liking your take on Gil in this timeline, though it does also make me worried how bad things could get if he does get bored and turns his attention to Kotomine. About the only thing that could get our gold king to behave is either turn him into a kid or if Enkidu is an HGW participant. I'll admit the lore dump was a bit off putting with the time jumps, but you justified it well enough with these being memories rushing into Shirou's head. Now I can't help but wonder what other random things are going to end up in Emiya's space (maybe that's the real reason Chaldea's kitchen is so well equipped).
2/5 c3 DarkFusion
And so Merlin's methods add more changes to the timeline concerning Shiro, much to Saber's irritation. Still, Shiro catching Tokiomi's interest does lead to him finding out the truth of the Matou succession which hopefully means good things for Sakura. I admit it is interesting to see a more positive portrayal of Tokiomi than most fics usually give, plus your portrayal of him as a straight man to Gil's antics is pretty amusing. Still while he's behaving now, I can't help but wonder if Gil's talks with Kotomine are still happening. On another note I notice Waver and Iskandar haven't shown up yet which has me curious what's going on over on their end, plus given Kiritsugu summoned Lancer that means Kayneth is essentially out of the war. Guess I'll find out next chapter...
2/3 c12 blAnk
Zouken... you fcked up big time...

Cant wait for next chapter! XD
2/5 c12 Iceflame55
I just discovered this story, and devoured it up to here. *sad face at reaching the current end*

And we can cheerfully state The Worm is about to wonder what kind of monsters have been Called to feast on his worthless corpse. I mean he's got HOW MANY Magus AND SERVANTS that are looking in his direction? All HELL is about to erupt, and for some reason I suspect the Matou family is about to meet it's overdue end...

Well, save the only one worthy of being allowed alive, of course!
2/5 c7 klim770
Why would u give her lance sn ability to transform into a sword?what’s the point?
2/4 c12 The.Last.Prophet.123
next next next!
2/4 c2 DarkFusion
I must say this fic of yours has now earned my reading and reviewing each chapter with how good it is so far. You've given Boudica some much needed love while at the same time throwing quite a needed bones to Kariya which is nice. I am also intrigued by the Kiritsugu summoning LArturia into the Grail War with the added bonus of her meeting Gray. With Saber having some extra info and her willing to share it, I wonder if we're in for a bit of Kaleid Prisma Ilya's backstory where Kiritsugu and Iri turn on the Einzbern's to save their daughter and dismantle the Grail system. Will read more when I get the chance.
2/4 c1 DarkFusion
Okay this was not what I expected when I decided to give this Fate fic a look; most fics that decide to bring in stuff from Grand Order into the original Fate storyline tend to keep it in reserve for later into the war but I must say you've done a good job using it so far from Drake's cameo to Saber taking up what's usually a joke mantle. I am surprised in Avalon Fou didn't make a cameo or get mentioned as I get the feeling from your portrayal of Vivian she was probably a bit put out with Merlin for unceremoniously throwing him out of Avalon (then again that's from Fou's perspective so...), unless this takes place in the universe where he became Primate Murder. Anyway, will definitely read more of this.
2/4 c1 ZACK2357
Ya mismo le doy like
2/2 c12 demondarkking
So... bets on Zelretch's attention being attracted and him deciding to connect Rin to Avalon as well while powering her up?

That or an alternate version of Rin that has studied the Kaliedoscope. Either way, Rin needs to catch up so she can join the other girls with Shirou in Avalon.
2/2 c12 Falvern
Correction. Rin summoned Atalante, not Artemis. I'll admit that I skimmed the final few paragraphs of the story due to my waning interest. Atalante is a more reasonable choice for sure. Everything else in my review still stands though.
2/2 c12 Guest
I'm really enjoying this so far, but I have to say that there are things that are overkill. I mean, the fact that Emiya can project a freacking jet was completely wtf, you're gonna take away the meaning of UBW. There are also the super OP eyes of Shirou, the Avalon 2.0 for Sakura, new good Servants, etc.
As I said I love this fic but Im afraid that you are favoring all the protagonist and its not feeling that they can lose. right now is around 6 servants in the same side against Berserker, Gil and Caster with Mordred being rogue. Also looks like Berserker has his memories so he will probably be another ally in the future and I think that is killing a bit the tension of the situation.
That being said I'll be waiting the update desperately. Im really hyped up wanting to see Shirou meeting Lartoria to be honest. Thank you for your work
2/3 c12 Aquelieos
After reading this, I can on commend you for such an amazing story so far
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