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9/20 c25 Guest
I love this story you are doing a fantastice job and i have a idea for you.

Shirou's new Aria to Invoke his reality marble.

"I am the soul of my creation."

"Infinite is my body and Divine is my magic."

"I have made over a thousand weapons."

"Have defied fate, waiting for the Future."

"Having seen the ending, I continue to walk down this road"

"It is my only path. My whole life had been,"

"Unlimited Creation Works!"
9/18 c1 red skull 564
Hey this is just a fun little feature that im going to tell you alll for those who are having a hard time reading this or people who like audio books if you download the fanfiction app it has the ability to stories into Text to speach or tts and its free it helps me get through a lot of fanfic stories thought I should put that out there just to lets you all know to those who read this anyways i hoped I helped
9/14 c25 Guest
Honestly. The story is quite hard to read, and I've been trying for several days to muddle through it. I think overall its overly ambitious and needlessly complex. Your summary also felt like bait tbh. I'm one of the people who came for a Shirou/Saber story and instead we have to deal with Shirou being a child (not to mention with ridiculous powers), a budding harem, and this weird role you've thrust Saber into.

Also I'll be honest. Its truly hard to write a harem story and actually do the relationship justice. If you've never been in a polyamorous relationship before, then I highly doubt you'll be able to do so effectively. And you'll just potentially anger people who do identify as poly if you dont do so properly. And you're going to anger the 3 readers who came for Shirou/Saber who haven't bailed on this story yet lolol. People who fixate on harems have apparently never actually been in a serious relationship and have no idea how much effort it takes to maintain a healthy one lol.
9/14 c25 codywhite162
I appreciate this change and it sounds good to me. I still want Shirou and Artoria to be romantically connected and I even find the idea of a harem to be good as well since I quite enjoy reading harem stories. Hopefully Shirou will get a harem of his own but if not then I shall enjoy the story all the same even if he is just paired up with Artoria. I digress, looking forward to the next update for the story and keep up the great work.
9/14 c24 codywhite162
I absolutely still love reading this story! The amount of effort you put into the plot, characters, conflicts etc is simply incredible! Looking forward to reading the next arc
9/14 c24 keybladelight
Good chapter.
9/14 c25 1PanickingNoob
Cool look forward to it.
9/14 c25 SkullWolfSteam
Shit was fine to me..I liked the way things were going didn't look like you wrote yourself into a corner hope the vocal minority of people didn't influence you in doing this but hopefully next post is a proper chapter. Been reading this for ages and enjoyed it so far keep it up bud
9/13 c24 UhterPendragon
Well Lev is dead... is nice now to the other stuff at hand sorry for the late reply lots of stuff happening and yyeeeaaah... well nice chapter and the evil fraction is plotted as always I see well there truly never give up and I see you put a stage Fate apocrypha hmmmm? Nice
9/13 c23 madstack
I may have said this before (I've certainly thought it), but you'd be much better off if you wrote four or five different fics with all these characters instead of cramming them all into one piece.

I mean, what are you even trying to do here? Re-enact FGO without the singularities?

Just a reminder, that's a gacha game that literally prints and reprints characters (some of which make very little or no sense) to get people to roll more, to milk collectors and gamblers alike. There's hundreds of Servants in there, are you going to include them all in your story? (I think there's like 10 versions of Artoria on JP servers right now - no exaggeration)

Still, this is otherwise competently written (though your passages tend to be overly long IMO) and it remains just short of crossing that line that would make me drop it altogether, which results in me coming back to catch up from time to time. Good job there, I guess.
9/13 c25 1Rhazort
Huge MM007 W as always
9/13 c25 Kamori I'm The Infinity
Ok, understud
9/13 c25 2CCrusader
I appreciate you dropping the amnesia plotline. It feels like Merlin's been doing a lot of invasive and immoral things to Shirou and Saber without their consent. I think Saber has enough morals to wait until Shirou's of age and has his full memories back.
9/13 c25 RegulusCetus
I think this is a perfectly fine solution! I do enjoy the story but it was a bit to much at times and I do hope for it to do well.
9/13 c25 grant.walker581
I will admit I'm a bit saddened that I cannot read a new chapter but I'm happy you found a way to write your self out of a corner.

can you post an update when the chapters have been rewritten?
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