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9/13 c25 StarGazer2326
I like this solution a lot. Looking forward to what you write.
9/9 c24 Guest
Liked what youve done so far. Altering Artorias memories and perspective as Shirou grows up was a decent solution out of many awkward and terrible ones. Shirous limited role at the moment also makes sense due to his lack of age and experience. Great story please keep writing.
9/9 c24 Originaljuan92
It’s unfortunate that people are insulting you.
This is a great story you are providing and should be celebrated.

As for the Shirou and Artoria issue. Shirou is a kid their shouldn’t be any romance like that yet.
Personally I can’t wait for Shirou to grow up and Artoria having to deal with other women. Shirou probably won’t be exactly how Artoria knew him. Fun, funny and sad moments to come.

I’m curious to see what the next challenge will be the gang and how they deal with it.

I can’t wait to read the next chapter!

Have fun writing!
9/9 c24 2ringlhach
If you say that Part 1 is averted, then okay, but by lore it's just as likely that now Goetitia knows that people know about it and will stop being any kind of subtle. Gilgamesh is strong, but killing one of the Demon Gods has hardly stopped things elsewhere. Things would be significantly different, though.

Then again, this Animusphere doesn't appear to have summoned Solomon yet, so he wouldn't have made his wish and maybe the Beast is still leashed depending on that little time loop.
9/9 c24 Falvern
I did receive a notification that you had updated and was curious as to whether or not you had responded to some of the criticism. I forgot to enable PM's so if you had reached out regarding my reviews, my bad. I stand by what I said, but I will retract the insult I paid you. It was born out of frustration honestly. The pacing of the story, the cast, some of the plot elements, they're a bit outlandish at times honestly. And I can easily see how you wrote yourself into a corner. That can easily happen in stories that are of such scope.

Part of it was also due to the fact that it's very difficult to find a genuinely good Shirou/Artoria story. The last I had followed was Fateless, and it may as well be considered to be abandoned. So, I had high hopes when I discovered this story. I'll admit that they've been dashed due to a myriad of factors such as the harem tag, the pacing, your decisions regarding the pair, etc. It doesn't feel like a Shirou/Artoria story, and I honestly don't believe it ever will even post time skip. Not only due to the fact that its a harem fic, which is honestly a bit of a travesty since this was supposed to be a post Fate route story, but also due to the characters involved and how you've portrayed them.

That doesn't justify the name calling I'll admit. But that's the only thing I'll apologize for. I stand by everything else. That being said, good luck with your story. I will never be a fan of it, nor will I ever recommend it. But hopefully most who read it find enjoyment in it.
9/9 c24 82fujin of shadows
Excellent chapter.

I might be a rarity among some of your readers, but I enjoy the slow pace of the story.

When I was in high school, my favorite subject is history and I love the way you alter world history to conform to your story...
9/8 c24 2SilverSurfer24
Perhaps sometime in the future I will give this story a try but right now as it is, I wouldn't recommend it. The story is bloated, there is just too much shit going on, and way too many characters for me to keep track off.

Characters I honestly don't give a single fuck about. Personally I have no clue who half of them are, I never heard about any Dr. Albion, or Chaldea, or Gray, or any of them, 'cause I only watched FSN.

But even then, without that, I came here for romance and then I got shat on by the author. I can't even say that I wasted my time, cause I skipped most of the story and it took me all but 10 minutes to formulate my opinion.

But for anyone that's actually reading comments before giving a story a try, be wary, this fic is complicated, and not at all focused on any romance. Shiro is also no main character. And you will need complete knowledge of the entire fate franchise. There is nothing casual or fun about this, this story is a hardcore au an reads like a lecture.

I'd recommend trying Goethe's Faust, or Tolkiens LOTR the original. Booth of those works of art are easier to get into, have less characters to focus on and by the end, will probably be shorter in word count than this fanfic, oh and you'll learn something and get bragging rights.
9/8 c24 Lu2014
Hello there

I have been following this story since the very beginning and have enjoyed it immensely. Each day that you post a new chapter is a great day.

It is because of my love for this story that I now post this review as an answer to the AN at the start of it.

You say that you got complains, some bordering on the offensive and I figured that you could do with some love, for a change.

I love this story.

I love your take on the characters, your changes and everything that you do in it.

There is an obvious care in everything you write, and all the adjustments you make is only more proof of it. YIOU are a a great author and this is a great story, for me in thne top tezn of the best Fate fanfics in the net. I will not name the other stories because Fate Recast stands on its own and you can be proud of what you have done here with it.

People didn’t like the last chapter? Why? It was necessary to close up the threads left after the end of ther 4th HGW.

People complain that Shirou is not more involved? Have they been reading ther same story as I have? He’s a kid! And even that he had his moments to shine action and non action wise. He defeated Mordred, recreated Caliburn, bonded with said tomboy, saved both best girl Ereshigal and her tsundere sister ishtar, saved both Rin and Tomkiomi, recreatyed Enkidu and is boud to become more powerful as he grows up.

People seem to forget that this story, and Fate in general is an ensemble story and while Shirou is the main character there is Arturia, Rin, Sakura and so many more and their own stories and evolution make this story better.

As for romance have they been paying attention at all? This may have started as a fix it to a Bad End in the Fate route but Merlin fused several Shirou souls and some of them were in love with other girls (hell there’s even a HF Shirou there and we know how he feels regarding Sakura). Personally I would go for the pollyamory seting if only because the the three girls in question are equal in my eyes and they all deserve their happiness as their lives were drama enough.

That said I dread the moment that you may get fed up with all the bitching and complaining and decided to drop the story, that one day instead of getting another amazing chapter it is a notice that the story is dead or abandoned. I have seen it happen enough times to know that it is a distinct possibility… I hope it doesn’t happen but sometimes people are just a bunch of ingrates, not realizing how precious fanfiction, good fanfiction is; it’s a work of love that is for free! It’s a gift to the world!

Authors like you, the good ones, only deserve support and appreciation.

And you get mine at the very least but I know that I’m not alone loving this story, loving your work.

So hold your head high, ignore the ingrates and poor critics and bne proud of your story.

It is great!

A couple things;

Unlimited Worlds Works; that’s so cool! Is there an aria to manifest it into the world?

Am I wrong or there is still one stage to awaken in Shirou’s Mystic Eyes?

Will we see Musashi pop up here and there? Will Muramasa?

Demon pillars… does this mean that Solomon and Goetia are on the loose? Are you going to introduce the Beast of Humanity down the road?

I have other questions but this review is not for that but to share my appreciation and my love for your work.

Be well and take care.
9/8 c24 AnimeFan13579
Ah the fun with the Tora Shinai. It may be a fanmade thing making actually cursed but it's such a fun concept. After all by Fate logic cursed weapons tended to occur because of either the materials, the forgers intent, it through the deeds of the wielder.

The bit with Iskandar and Gilgamesh does present a bit of worry on what Gilgamesh might do. Granted his actions at end would mean he would probably remove some of the weeds in his garden he finds particularly unsightly. Of course that wouldn't mean he would deal with all of them after all some of them serve as excellent challenges for humanity to prove itself against.

The bit of detail stated about what happens in Shirou's Texture really emphasizes the thought that no texture could be more powerful than one ruled by a child. Being more impressionable to outside ideas as well as having a broader imagination. There wouldn't be as much limits as to them until they would "learn" otherwise anything could be possible. It would be more chaotic and the rules could change radically but there wouldn't be as much in the way of limitations.
9/8 c24 2thrawn92
You know, it just occurred to me, but since Ishtar and Ereshkigal are part of Shirou's Texture, does that mean the Indian Pantheon will show up sooner or later? I mean, Parvati is a Psuedo-Servant using the body of Sakura.

Also, I'm hoping that since it's been shown that Darnic still has the Greater Grail, we'll be getting a Fate/Apocrypha-type HGW eventually, especially with Amakusa being around.
9/8 c24 1Psych Ward Works
I think you need to stop your tracks for a bit.

Your story has lost all sense of tension with how massive and powerful the cast of good guys are. You didn't need to buff Rin or Sakura, they're already magical powerhouses with how Rin was able to power Saber and Shirou in UBW route and Sakura being comparable to that in terms of output. Not to mention what you've done with Shirou, his canon projection abilities have him creating any number of items as seen with EMIYA and Alter being able to create cotton candy machines, a pizza oven, guns, a high tech fishing rod, etc. All Shirou ever needed was more mana to help power it. Instead he has a True Magic now. Do you not believe that limitations can enhance a story and characters? The kids are unbelievably powerful that nothing short of a Beast or a Type would be considered a threat and then it would be an ass pull by then.

Then there's the compulsion to make a happy end for every single non-antagonist which makes it so that the low stakes gets even lower. And then the cast keeps picking up more characters with something pitiful about them as if they're stray cats, so you tie yourself into knots trying to write around all of them and addressing every issue. Sometimes suffering happens and one doesn't get help they want/need, it's inevitable. But the story really lacks that sort of variety in terms of the fates of these characters as they're all going into their happy endings.

As for the pairing, I'm not really concerned if a relationship takes time to develop especially when you kind of shot yourself in the foot by introducing Saber to Shirou while he's a child. So build up would be expected. But I can see why it bothers others so much. The two characters that are tagged and present prominently in the synopsis for the fic are barely present within the story's major events as focus keeps shifting to the previously mentioned bloated cast that constantly increases. Reading through the other reviews, it's clear that the pairing was a major hook for why many people started reading this story. It's partially their fault for having that expectation when the story started in the Zero era but you're also to blame for providing no disclosure about the story nor the synopsis letting readers know that main draw of the fic are only an aspect of many within it.

At this point the story has gone too far for the stakes and bad developments to be turned back so it's up to you if you wish to continue this literary train wreck waiting to happen or reset completely.

Either way, I hope this was somewhat insightful and that anyone reading this has a good day
9/8 c24 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
9/8 c24 GrandmasterRed
I'm frankly surprised Gilgamesh would so overtly sabotage one of his favorite master's origin story like that.
9/8 c24 TheManiacalMadman
Good on Gil for killing Lev, now Goetia is out of the picture.

That said, FGO’s biggest asshole (Marisbury) has entered the picture

I wish Nasu would reveal Marisbury’s status in Apocrypha world lines
9/8 c23 ShadoWARmadaN
oh God it's lose on the world that's a hell of a cliffhanger
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