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9/8 c24 jungari
Gilgamesh is starting to overtake the story.
You need to remove him from the board in some manner or his mere existence removes all tension for the story and makes it boring.
9/8 c24 red skull 564
Hey mate keep up the good work and create the story you want to tell and i look forward to seeing what you have planned for the fate versus.
9/8 c24 MERK FOX
Another incredible chapter you should add Miyu as kiritsugu and irisviel blood daughter or adopted so shirou and illya can have a younger sibling can’t wait for the next chapter.
9/8 c24 Touch Dom
Man, you are just fixing everything by force aren't you
9/8 c24 Cookie Sharter
Fuckin fed up of this shit now, 24 goddamn chapters and only "a few months" have passed, what the fuck man are we gonna wait until 2030 for the fuckin pairing to finally happen? this story is bait, do not fuckin read it, it is focusing on everything but the stated pairing, sakura is OP, rin is OP, shirou is a side character and artoria is just a plot device.
9/8 c24 Ms La Fay
I have never written comments on this site (and now I am writing through a translator). But I really want to support you, author.

I can understand the commentators - they wanted to read about Shiro and Arturia "right now". However, you are the author. And only you know where YOUR story will lead. And you tell it exclusively at your own pace.

The pair of Shiro and Arturia is the basis of this plot, and without this basis nothing would have happened at all. Yes, the relationship between this couple in the first part of the story faded into the background for "technical reasons". This is justified and understandable. However, the little interaction between Shiro and Arturia that is in the text is very pleasing. Their mutual tenderness and care are very well read. This will be a good basis for future romantic relationships.

And for commentators: the appearance in the plot of essentially little girls looking at Shiro with loving eyes does not mean anything yet! Childhood infatuation passes with time. And only the author can decide where this will lead. Have patience! And do not invent for the author!

The author has a plan and he adheres to it!

Anyway, thank you for continuing this story and wish you more inspiration! I'm really looking forward to continuing!
9/8 c24 NameEntry25
Shirou x Saber?
Shirou x Rin?
Shirou x Sakura?
Shirou x Ilya?
9/7 c24 6Vasdos
Yeah responding to your AN at the start, you wrote yourself into that corner from the first second that you started the story. A very young shirou and an older saber was always going to be creepy. I guess I just find myself surprised you hadn't planned a romance arc for them since from the start it was clear they would get together at some point. I'll still read, don't get me wrong. I'm just expressing surprise since you've seemed meticulous so far.
9/7 c24 RegulusCetus
Yeah things would have gotten weird if ya didnt do that to Seiba. I completely understood why but I often forget out toxic these communities can be in ff.

Toki realising he should just be a dad is hilarious and you are the only person who has done it-i think.
9/7 c24 1oSayan
I have been following this story since chapter 11 or 12 and I had already grasped this was not going to be Shirou X Saber focused story rather a complete AU writing . First time commenting cause I didn't think people would be that much pissed . The story is just fucking excellent and I still can't keep track of everything. will need to do a reread later . It is madness yet you have brought so much together. great job .
9/7 c24 36SeerKing
I just finished rereading this just an hour before you updated. Excellent timing.
9/5 c22 Falvern
Oh and the amnesia thing with Artoria. Yeah I'm definitely done after that lol. Thats not the Artoria that the readers are invested in. You've really kind of fucked over fans of the Shirou/Artoria ship with that. And I kind of think you're an asshole for doing so to be perfectly honest.
9/5 c23 Falvern
Sounds like the Shirou/Artoria aspect of the story is a very minor aspect of the story tbh. Not to hop on the bandwagon or anything but that was a selling point for a lot of readers. You talk about a very distant part of the story after being over 300k words in. Thats the main reason why I've decided to drop this story. Its incredibly bloated and you spend so much time focusing on other characters that at times Artoria doesn't feel like a main character. You probably won't even get to that part of the story for another 3 years at this rate.
9/3 c17 Ruto Shorikin
What was the giant behemoth of metal resting offshore in Shirou reality marble in chapter 17? Can you please explain?
8/31 c23 Yuijin
Bait people with story focusing on ArtoriaxShirou and them as main characters.

Write an entirely different story not focusing on them and the pairing. Fuckin 317k words and nothing of what was promised was delivered.

People RIGHTFULLY complain.

This author: Why are you complaining? It's not the only part of the story!?

Fucki you. We've came here for this part only. Changing the summary and what the story is about after 20 chapters and 300k words is an asshole move.

We came for Shirou and Artoria not your side characters! That's what you promised! Don't lie to people and complain when they point out your lies!
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