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2/2 c12 1mir19
Good chapter
2/2 c12 UhterPendragon
In Germany we have a saying for that what will happen to this little worm
"Hochmut kommt vor dem Fall"
2/2 c12 4Napster153
The Cat and Snake Big Sisters are here. Mordred is in trouble. And was that a brief glimpse into Shadow Sakura at the end, there? I’m surprised at Gil’s turncoat but if my hunch is correct than he may be a good guy in the end. He’s clearly running on a good mood and if his Caster self is to be considered than it is likely he has already ‘thought’ of the best outcome.

Also, great story Mr. Author! I draw some parellels within this and the other story that had Kiritsugu receivjbg visions but it’s great all the same.
2/2 c12 Panzer08
Oh man, I was right to be so hyped for this chapter. So much crazy stuff happened and I’m only growing more excited with how it’ll all play out, cause I certainly don’t understand how this story would survive without a fuck ton of pre planning.

But, as usual, looking forward to the next!
2/2 c12 1PersonaNinja Lux
While Class Advantages doesn't exist in Fate proper I'm pretty sure that Caster is now going to die, also according to some research it was found out that Gilles was actually taken in on FALSE charges so he can theoretically be a Alter Ego servant, and Atalanta is here! And I feel sad over Gil remembering (is that the right word?) about Saber since this means he'll be slightly against Shirou also Okita please don't die!
2/1 c12 4AccelBreaker
Well shit. Now that Tokimi's lost his arms, Gilgamesh's gone rogue. Great, shit's up to the plate now.

Mordred, yes. That call will bite you back later. Can't wait so see Arturia's reaction to Shirou holding Caliburn, because the moment she finds out that Merlin did this, she's going to beat him harder than Fou would.

Question: Are you going to add Muramasa to the story later? Because of last month's FGO stream and the Muramasa release.
2/1 c12 Panzer08
2/1 c12 Franz Myers
wow in the previous chapter it seemed a very chaotic situation but now the balance has tipped, Atalanta and Medusa? I really didn't expect them and I was surprised by their summons. I am very curious about the role that Mordred and Kirei will have in the following chapters, will Gilgamesh again cause Kirei to accept his nature? or he will do it on his own..

Thanks For The update
2/1 c12 1740
yes now we got rider as well, this is Shaping up nicely
2/1 c12 1NotSpecialDude
oh man. Zouken screwed up big time. Never mind Sakura, summoning Hercules with his memories from the fifth war was a huge blunder. Herc is explicitly stated to not give a damn about command seals. Do to his nature and power, they are practically worthless. Illya was only able to controlhim so well, because she was modified with a massic magic circuit and Herc was loyal to HER. In heaven's feel, despite Illya begging and commanding, Herc still foughr Saber Alter to death to protect her.

The minute Herc sees Illya again, Zouken is screwed. Because he is loyal.
2/1 c12 3DestinySkyDemon
Yoooo this is turning out epic! Medusa and Atalante!? Hell to the yes! Can’t wait to see Medusa’s dynamic with the new Sakura, and just how powerful Sakura will be in general. Atalante was a wild ball for sure, but a welcome one, with Sakura, Shirou and Rin all being kids. I’ve lost track of the servant count already, but this is looking like an epic war the likes of which were only seen in strange/fake and apocrypha! Hype!
2/1 c12 9jmspikey
oh boy zouken is in trouble Rider is here and seeing how she was already protective of a teenage Sakura god have mercy now that she has a Child Sakura to protect.
2/1 c11 8The Keeper of Worlds
Sweet freaking lord this whole universe went crazy, and I bet Rin still lives.
1/10 c11 2Ash the Aura Guardian
I wonder why Rin and Sakura left Shirou to die in the burning building (if that's what happened), but I bet everything that just happened will come back to bite the Tohsaka clan in the ass. The fact that Shirou ended up protecting the ones who were supposed to protect him, and got kidnapped as a result...well, I'm not sure who's gonna take it worse; Illya, or Saber. Kiritsugu might (key word being 'might') be able to make a concession, since his info being flawed was the whole reason Tokiomi thought his home was safer than the Einzbern manor (and his misdirection with EMIYA was the reason the Tohsaka manor became a target in the first place), but I don't think Illya would care about that. Saber might've been the most rational here, but she saw Shirou die once already, waited a millennium and a half to reunite with him, literally changed the world so she could make sure he was born...only to find that he was kidnapped by her crazed son while protecting the Tohsaka family.

Yep, the entire Holy Grail War is about to see the terrifying power of an Artoria Pendragon with unlimited energy, amazing stats, control of magecraft, and a major bone to pick.

Also, wow. Mordred straight-up kidnapped a kid so she could keep her daddy's sword at arm's reach.
1/6 c11 Guest
In all I am very much enjoying the chapters, thank you! I like your story and the characters are quite reasonable, they were enhanced and quite enjoyable. I am so glad that this isn’t the type of concubines harem that I initially thought of (yet), I usually skipped them when they get sticky and it’s just me not harem fan. But I do find it quite puzzled how little Rin is portrayed here so far, she definitely gave the impression of a spoil egocentric regressed child, many Rins were shaped by her childhood tragic, her early lost of her family from the fourth war, and the madman Kirei, and some fics having her over the roof tsundere. I am very curious on what you want to achieve from her here, I would like to think all characters have their roles, purposes and story to tell. I can’t wait for more and how you will shape her, or is she just another plain one here attaching to the story.
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