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11/16/2020 c10 James Birdsong
Good story
11/18/2020 c1 Heroic-Milf-Hunter
Great story.
11/16/2020 c10 Rios
I'm a tad confused, but the story is awesome.
Will the story stick to shirou's realms (stay night, heaven's feel, ubw) or will they also second magic to others like the red and black, animusphere.
11/18/2020 c10 luffy1996
Arturia is going to be upset at merlin once shirou gains his parallel selves memories. it's practically a guaranteed harem at that point when shirou remembers how much he loves various girls. While it's not officially confirmed, EMIYA Archer was hinted to be from an Illya route of Fate/stay night; Illya supposedly tried to help Shirou like Rin did but she eventually died from her body alterations causing Shirou to fall into his ideals with no external goals(finding saber, being with Rin, etc.).
11/17/2020 c10 AnimeA55Kicker
Well Artemis is up for grabs. Shirou! Get your ass to work on wiafuing that bitch.
11/16/2020 c10 Redrangerlegacy
Ok, so let’s see if I understand this correctly. Lancer Arturia currently doesn’t understand why Saber Arturia abandoned her plan to save Camelot in favor of Shirou, which I’m hoping she’ll realize once she spends time around him, and thinks that becoming a Counter Guardian, which is essentially a fate worse than death, especially for Shirou, is worth it due to believing Camelot’s downfall was 100% her fault, when from what I understand it was going to happen no matter what due to the fall of Camelot being in a time lock. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alaya not only knew that fact when she made that contract with Lancer Arturia, but also plans to rub it in her face should Arturia complete her end of the contract. Hopefully, someone will inform Lancer Arturia of this so she can begin to be more like Saber Arturia.
11/16/2020 c2 AngelicWisdom
Gotta feel bad for EMIYA, always dealing with the shit his younger self gets caught up in.
11/16/2020 c10 1SentinalSlice
Just a nit-picky moment. Assassin’s Tsubame Gaeshi isn’t technically the 2nd magic, it’s pure skill that rivals the second true magic. I enjoyed this, I was hoping for a bit more on EMIYA’s reality marble, but maybe that’ll come later.
11/16/2020 c10 Blaze2121
While a harem can ruin stories it fits the fate verse plus as a person who loves romance yes normal one girl makes it easier to enjoy that but here it's okay for harem mostly cause a Sakura b rin both have route are love interest so them all loving shiro is possible it's cannon just don't add anyone else unless you make it work.
People who hate harems just hate them mostly due writers not doing them correctly but if you take your time it'll all work out can't believe I had to write this I see their point but at the same time this story is a fanfic there's enough saber x shiro already just adding Rin and Sakura doesn't change that plus I'm sure you made it for a reason I'm kinda curious why though.
Well since I did that might as well leave a review for the chapter the changes to saber being different when you think about it she has lived a longer life then originally so her personality changing a bit makes sense I saw no problem with that in the original so changing her a bit be should be fine but up to you honestly I liked this story for the spin you put on it curious what'll happen after zero.
11/16/2020 c10 FateBurn
Good chapter
11/16/2020 c10 Ariadne Venegas
Then how they mess the grial?
11/16/2020 c10 blue grimmoire
thanks cor the chap man, all is good for me and I hope to see more. soon
11/16/2020 c10 13Anime Enthusiast
You know, I really care for this story as it presents my favorite pairing. Also, I know that the part 'harem' is written in the summary eventually, but if I could ask one thing is this. Shirou can befriend Sakura and Rin to a degree that they become best friends, but not necessarily love interests. They could even become siblings in a sense. However, in terms of love, there is only Shirou and Arturia. There is no need for a harem as it could ruin the story quite easily. Aside from that, keep up the good work.
11/16/2020 c10 3omegadramon2
great chapter looking foward to seeing how Artemis is going to play into this
11/16/2020 c10 17celian Cogitore
Good chapter, but you make an error. Merlin does not see the future. His Clairvoyance allows him to see only what is happening in the present. Nevertheless, as a half-incubus, he travels to the land of dreams... which allows him to contact entities that they may know the future. Merlin is more of a prophet than a seer.
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