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for Retribution's Mask

5/8 c5 Guest
The train crashes stopped because the minister of transportation resigned.
4/22 c5 Ceps
Because if you watch the cut scenes the siu director talks about how they used the crash to eliminate some ppl in transportation department
4/8 c5 Viperx679
Shit. This is really good but I binged it all. Real sad times. Now I need to wait.

See ya next chap, chief!
4/8 c5 ocomhdhain1
i nearly laughed myself sick when i realized that white/zangetsu killed arsene
4/7 c4 ocomhdhain1
kinda surprised that he didn't go for sub-reaper for his phone name
3/30 c5 S13ge
Dude! You had on the edge of my seat! I can’t wait for the next chapter!
3/29 c4 3AadenHelan
Ah so Ichigo become extremely weak ass bitch huh where Zangetsu the personalization of 3 powers must degenerated himself to become so low as a Persona
2/25 c5 Lord-Azrael3
Really great fic so far! Can't wait for the next chapter!
2/22 c5 3Gojosin
Alright, this is going pretty good. I'll see where it goes from here.
2/17 c5 2nobodyreallyimportant
Guess this train isn't entirely sticking to the stations of cannon, huh? I'll bite.
2/1 c5 ControlAltElite
Aw man...I just HAD to pick up this gem on a cliffhanger like this. I hope you continue the story!
2/1 c5 18Dragon and Sword Master
Kinda curious as to what Ichigo and Makoto are going to do now that they're in Mementos. Honestly, it should be quite interesting to see. Also glad to see that you're still alive.
2/1 c5 1itsMARWIE
Seems cool, interesting.
2/1 c5 7Hyakki Yako
A great return full of surprises and interesting meetings, thank you very much for another chapter, I am really enjoying the story and the clear differences in it, they seem great to me.

I hope there is another one soon
1/31 c5 glennlewis2346
Keep up the amazing work. I like how Ichigo is portrayed in the story. And I really enjoy the story is different then Canon so far. Not many stories are like that.
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