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for Going forward and beyond - Path of the Aura Ranger: Book I

11/6 c101 LeoSSJ4Dragon
OMG it took me 24hrs to read and finish but boy was it worth it, I loved everything about this. Excellently written
8/18 c7 Guest
The story’s been pretty good so far tho I could do without the gay shit pairing
1/18 c1 Guest
Ewww I thought it was a normal cool ranger story not some wierdo writing about some gay idiots
12/25/2022 c4 Axccel
While I dislike the Ash/Gary pairing because slash is disgusting (but mostly because fuck Gary, he’s a douche), like most people I’ll just ignore it for a good story. It’s not a major part of the story, which is about Ash cleaning up his act and kicking ass.
11/4/2022 c15 1Anas Nazim
I'm almost crying. This is the recognition that ash needs. Love it man.
10/29/2022 c101 Vital Info
Ok. Made it to the end of this book. Can't say I enjoyed all the decisions made but it was entertaining to say the least. I still would suggest reviewing your past work and fixing some spelling errors but otherwise it is what it is.

I truly wish there was more variety couple wise but hey gay seems to fit the story well. It's just a lot. Between Champions dating, Ash'd uncle, Gary and Ash, Riley and Reggie plus the hints of Zoey and Dawn and so on. I'm not against it but it was overwhelming at times.

At times I wish more focus was put into the Ranger side of things as that it is where I found the going at first when declined Lance and Scott and wanted to know more about what The Rangers do outside of the in game regions like using stun guns and Ghost teams vs Lassos and such like the games. The battles in the end kinda made up for it but still once the Legendary side of things took over I dreaded the direction the stroy took cause events like Ore being rescued and seeing the details of that rescue were shunned aside with only the end results such as Ash being shot being displayed. It left me wanting. Not a bad thing but certainly felt it could've been better if the Legendary/Saint Festival/League-E4-Chsmpion challenges got the better part of the more detailed side of the story chapter and detail wise and so on. Something I am hoping won't happen in this new sequel but I will not fault you on doing the same thing again if you feel it works.

Also spoiling in the early chapters the whole Orange Archipelago arc direction was something I did not enjoy personally as it took away from the future chapters whee it would have made more of Lance proposing the BF-OL deal more of s surprise but hey again it is what it is.

I will begin the new story soon and see where things go.
10/28/2022 c59 Vital Info
I just have to say, I don't quite enjoy the turn the story took with The Chosen One side of things entered the fray as I knew that would be the end of the adventures Ash had as a Ranger where we would get whole chapters regarding the missions and the Rangers that were in them like Josh and co. That to me at the time and beginning to read the story really made this story stand out so much vs it being just another Chosen One story. I wish we could go to a no Legendary Pokemon involvement of the story but understand that this is the direction you gelt it had to go so I will bear through it.

I really would also go back and speed check a few few things cause seeing Johto, Parte and even places like Sandgem town being misspelled just irked me some but not enough to stop reading but it's a pride thing for an author to want their works to be as mistake free as possible so O would go back and re check and fix errors like those when you can.

The changes of POV had been key to keeping my interest and offer some interesting and at times disturbing insights to a character like when Riley mentioned crushing on Ash, though the explanation why makes sense, still I believe it eas noted he was/Iis at least 22. So he should know better and thankfully has not acted on any further instinct of that given the pedo nature of it all would ruin all credibility and good nature Riley had developed in my eyes if he aside from a few glances the few interested in Ash as a partner like Gary noticed or those like Lance that want to protect Ash also noticed. Still Riley should never really have had those thoughts and it was troubling to know he had/has them.

On that note, nothing against Ash being gay but I figured he would lean more towards bisexual as there are still too many characters he's yet to meet to discern whether the truly is gay or not at just 14. Most sexualities are really defined around 16 when most can be acted upon without many stigmas of being too young or not having enough life experience to know for sure because as you grow you often wanna experiment and try to figure out if what you like is actually what you like and given the canon nature that at he kissed Serena, which I disliked anyways as I'm not an Amourshipper, it still leaves the door open for Ash to perhaps feel interest in the opposite sex still even if like here he hadn't yet acted upon those feeling but certainly fits the blushing, embarrassing and cute moments one would have upon crushing on someone like Paul is doing now where he seems to have an interest in Dawn but when he flew with Ash in Pidgeot he took note of Ash's body and features. Perhaps on doing so realizing he may swing both ways. I think Ash still has that potential but it seems unlikely as when Ash is declared gay, he is 100% gay but I remain hopeful he with a bit more time can find the feeling he may feel towards the people he will meet in the future like Serena, Cilan, Goh and more can open up feelings he have previously blocked off or thought weren't possible of choosing to just declare himself as gay. Time will tell.

Other than that I will keep reading and Hope enjoy the direction of the story to come.
9/21/2022 c55 7DarthLeo
I've noticed that spelling errors had been getting progressively more common. And it seems like Champion Cynthia's name is always misspelled. Just something I noticed.
9/21/2022 c55 DarthLeo
I've noticed that spelling errors had been getting progressively more common. And it seems like Champion Cynthia's name is always misspelled. Just something I noticed.
8/22/2022 c101 Guest
Oh that's awesome
8/18/2022 c20 SunSpirit
I think Ash should become the champion of both the Orange Islands and Alola. Just like Lance is the champion of both Kanto and Johto.
8/16/2022 c100 luvpokemon
will there be a sequel?
8/15/2022 c100 Guest
Amazing chapter
8/15/2022 c98 SunSpirit
I hope you do a sequel to this story because it was incredible!
8/15/2022 c100 1TReXD
Will there will be a sequel in this story?
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