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for A Betrayal of Friendship

4/3 c1 8AnonymousvWriter
I must admit, that was a fabulous one-shot! Timon may seem like a jerkass from time to time, but his heart is very much in the right place. And we know that he comes around in the end ).
12/29/2020 c1 220TheWriterForGod42
I thought it was pretty good.
9/13/2020 c1 ExGeneration35
Lol, I expected this to happen if Nala would react to this in 1 1/2. Great one shot by the way :)
9/12/2020 c1 23Frozen Wolf heart 22
Not bad. One idea for you if Rafiki met timon before he says the line who's the monkey? Why does he say it? He doesn't know Rafiki's name he has met him.

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