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for Endurance

2/25/2022 c20 Vintervolf
This is an extremely well written convoluted story with captivating characters that is not finished. Not finished, I suspect, to the great disappointment of its many readers.

Please hurry up and finish this please. Pretty please with cherries on top! Whipped cream too if you want.
10/27/2021 c1 stargate1946
Have reread this story several times. Enjoyed it each time. Very intense! Please…may I have some more? I would love an ending for it!
12/7/2020 c20 61tallsunshine12
The stream of consciousness is very effective here, especially in the use of dramatic sentence fragments. Every sensation of the man is like a separate action, keeping the reader in suspense as if they were watching an action movie unfold scene by scene. Kudos to your imagination! Keep at it!
12/5/2020 c20 Katladycrazy
Sarge and the reader are both in suspended animation.
12/4/2020 c20 8Brosmom
Thanks for the update! Poor Sarge! I'm glad you started this tale with the rescue. I couldn't stand the suspense otherwise. I hope Mr. Robinson gets what's coming to him soon.
10/21/2020 c19 Brosmom
Our Soldier has been on that squeeky pokey mattress for over a week. Please don't leave him there much longer! We're all wanting more.
10/9/2020 c19 smc
this reminds me of a murder mystery, horror film. I can just feel the sound track starting to crescendo the lights darken and then...…..
10/3/2020 c17 Katladycrazy
More details being filled in, feels like a jigsaw puzzle being pieced together. Still queasy.
10/4/2020 c18 61tallsunshine12
I liked the line, "No cool evening breeze made its way into his little prison." Tight situation in the cart and now in the parlor!
9/29/2020 c16 smc
OK, I am going with this must be Saunders...even confused as to friend or foe, he is obstinate in his refusal of Morphine. The mission comes 1st, always.
Cannot wait for the nest chapter, this is riveting.
9/29/2020 c14 smc
Imagine being so sick, injured wet, cold miserable, and yet.."I will not die here". And still being grateful that he was not injured in both legs. It has to be Saunders and his never give up attitude
9/29/2020 c12 smc
this chapter was rough, it is so hard to believe that human beings can treat each other this way. I had never even imagined battlefield scavengers. Horrible. Can't wait to see that he survives this ok
9/28/2020 c16 8Brosmom
My aunt's husband's family came from Germany in the late 1800s. They were accused of setting up listening stations in their fields during WWII. Poor Soldier. Hope after his wounds a treated he's more rational. Please don't keep us hanging too long!
9/27/2020 c15 combatfan
I'm loving this. Hope there's more to come
9/27/2020 c15 Chris
Have enjoyed your approach to telling the story. Sort of a stream of consciousness. Really keeps you interested and each chapter can explore different aspects in more detail. Waiting to see if you bring in the soldier who was initially being taken care of by the doctor. He inquired about the soldier being brought in and mentioned someone from his unit being missing. (one of the squad?)

Waiting for more. Great story and great connections with the farm, grandparents and growing up. Reminded me of being a kid in the country myself.
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