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3/3 c74 1tuskedkibbles
Really enjoying the fic, you're doing a great job! The setting is still maintaining its 'grimdarkness' but Isha adds a realistic level of hope. Also interesting seeing the Emperor become a better person while still being the Emperor (ie a dick).

I don't know if/when we'll get there, but I'm really interested to see how you handle Angron and Curze. Isha can remove the butcher's nails, but those two have scars that go deep. While be interested to see how a more human Emperor approaches those two time bombs.
2/27 c74 ATP
Well,Belakor died in now,time for saving Mars - althought,making it green would be good,too.
2/29 c12 1tirasangue
I feel obligated to leave at least one review before I get deeper into the fanfic. Never did I expect to be reading a 40K work on an Eldar Goddess who I had not even heard of up until now.

What I'm most curious now is what the future of this story will be. Closer relations between the Eldar and Humans? Stronger Imperium? Will the Emperor survive?

Most of 40K is pretty archetypically a tragedy, but I'm curious to see whether this story continues the trend or if there's a ray of hope.

Anyways, good work on the story.
2/26 c74 Guest
And as I told you in Chronicles of Isha story if you don't like then FUCKING LEAVE FUCK OFF Golden Nova-Moron
2/24 c74 Guest
What an amazing way to end the fight. Isha really bringing down the wrath of god there, as well as speaking to her restraint and strength of character, that she prefers to embrace her more benevolent persona and powers despite that power.

Also really love Revelation's attitude towards her. The Emperor of just several chapters ago would likely have been threatened and alarmed at her cutting loose like that, maybe looking for a way to strike her down as a potential threat, or at the very least distrusting her to the extreme. But just like when she was more obediently emotionless, what seems to unsettle him the most is just how alien and unrecognizable she is from the Isha he's come to admire (and still holding out hope for the L word in the future!) That he was willingly to genuinely appeal to her better nature and even plead with her is a great sign that he's trying to earn her trust honestly. Just hope Malcador's inevitable meltdown doesn't cause too much trouble!
2/26 c74 4Eltyr
The death of the First Dammned is a great blow against Chaos. And hopefully, this will also increase Emp's respect for Isha
2/25 c74 4Golden Nova
This is getting interesting. However make sure the Big E asserts his power once more. It has been OP Isha nowadays. Making it more like that fic Chronicles of Isha. I stopped reading it. I like the power balance in this fic, but now its going more into OP Isha.
2/25 c74 10ICHeart
Awesome chapter!
2/25 c74 15Classic Mecraphone
And on that day, Malcador’s migraine grew by three sizes!
2/25 c74 HelloEver22
I love these stories! While i do not know about Isha much, i highly doubt she deserved what happens to her in canon. Thank you!
2/25 c74 FanzoIII
Atleast she's back as the kind goddess, she was.
2/25 c74 1Ilireanwri
A very surprising but also fitting twist of events that Belakor decided to rather die then bow to the Chaos Gods again. It fits his personality. I loved that Isha showed her badass-side and I wonder how the Alliance between her and George (and ultimatively the Humans and the Eldar) will change due to that. I would love to see a reaction among those who felt that Battle on Mars (like some of the Primarchs, Eldar and the Chaos Gods) in the next chapter.
I think Isha will have a positive influence on many Primarchs should she choose to interact with them and also turn the Imperium into something more open to cooperation with non-hostile aliens; turning it into something more like a gauntlet in a velvet glove rather than just a tyrants fist...
2/24 c74 tkorn1001
Awesome chapter
2/24 c74 evilstatistic19
Good chapter. I'm looking forward to the next one.
2/24 c74 Scarease
Hopeful he will approach this subject her new personality traits diplomatically .
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