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1/1 c18 Zedicus101
There are very few stories that make me stop everything I'm doing when I see there's been an update. This was one of them, it's fantastic and I can't wait for the next one!
1/1 c18 19magical fan18
Wonderful, I really enjoyed this; cannot wait for the sequel to this.
1/1 c18 jiggidyjaggedy
Awesome! This was a sweet way to end the story. I ship it.
1/1 c18 ConstanceJ
1/1 c18 EnglishKitsune
I’ve enjoyed reading these it’s very fascinating to see a dc/ Harry Potter fic that looks like it could happen in the fandom great writing mate, I look forward to the next
1/1 c18 Scandalf
Man, this was even better than Kicking Gotham and that's saying something.
Thank you for this wonderful story, it was short(for a hp ff) and to the point and I loved that aspect of it. It felt like the perfect pacing, though I guess one more chapter of Harry-Diana interaction would have added a bit more to the story considering Harry's feelings towards her, but it was great nonetheless.

I'm looking forward to the third story. I hope we see more of JL, and definitely more of Harry-Diana with them ending up together or something. No idea if it would even work between a mortal and Diana but meh, maybe Harry can find a way. If anyone can, it's him after all.

Anyway, I hope you have a great new year, stay healthy and write more :P
1/1 c18 The Defenestrated Typewriter
Not sure why they would be less popular than your others, they're just as good and just as enjoyable. Maybe it's just a matter of time, they're shorter and have been posted for a lot less time that he others.

Anyway I'll be keeping an eye out for the sequel, thanks for another great read.
1/1 c18 4stcobb
So good! Less popular, my ass.
1/1 c18 21Nolaquen265
Happy to see another of your excellent fics brought to completion; thanks for your work on it!
1/1 c18 Raviran
Now that Harry has some time I hope he stays with Diana.
It was a very beautiful story, and if you do a sequel I would read it with pleasure.
And Happy New Year :-)
1/1 c18 amortentiate
That was a good story. I'll say this series is one of your best yet.

Eagerly awaiting your third story in the series.

Happy New Year mate.

1/1 c18 logop
Thanks for the ride. That was quite a good ending! Looking forward to the sequel.
1/1 c18 PipBoy
Thanks for this, it's a great story. I'll be waiting for #3 to come around.
1/1 c18 The Puddlestomper
These stories are super unique and great mysteries. Thanks for writing them and Happy New Year.
1/1 c18 1animeArty
Happy New Year. Great read. Don't know why its not popular.. it's a fun read. Thanks, can't wait for the next installment.. even though it will probably end up being an epic, It stilll will be awesome to read!
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