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1/28 c18 UseFistNotMouth
Both this story and KG are great. Very few compromises.
Even the AU with Harry not settling down with Ginny is, in this case, understandable, since Harry's behavior would be less precarious as a family man.
1/26 c18 Largo
Fantastic Story, both Kicking Gotham and Toppling Heroes. I've read them in one go. Although its not really my genre i did enjoy this storys very much and wait anxious for the third one. Thank you for writing them.

Ps hopeful for another update of The shadow of Angmar, following it since the beginning :)
1/25 c18 FluffyNevyn
You could continue this with Harry getting fired but joining the league... whether her stays with Diana or not. It'll be an interesting read though.
1/21 c18 bahnannah
I’m excited to read everything in this trilogy. Is there any chance that you’d upload these to archive of our own? Ff doesn’t allow downloading of the fics and the fics are too long to read on my phone. Thx
1/20 c18 183Virodeil
Sweet ending! Even the regret about Auror Smith was bittersweet. Thank you so much for writing this and seeing it till the end. I enjoyed even the brushes with romance till the end. Harry and Diana were so sweet together, instead of mushy or nauseating. I hope you will continue this, and believe it or not, I am very much for the couple being a couple…. Hehe. Thanks again!
1/18 c18 ObscureAbsurdity
Well written, I enjoyed reading this
1/18 c18 Nadoxx
Very fun story from start to finish! Really enjoyed your work!
1/18 c18 naschy71
Man I gotta say I love your work, the fusion is elegantly done and the characters actually feel like people not caricatures. I hope you enjoyed writing this as much as enjoyed reading this because I had a blast mate. Good luck in your future writings!
1/17 c18 Moilanen
Outstanding as always.

Thank you!
1/17 c18 1Drachenreiter1
I just discovered the Kicking Gotham stories today and binge read them (until way too late in the night). Loved the magic fights - too often people just shoot spells at each other - the characters and plot. I'm looking forward to whatever you write next! Stay safe and healthy!
1/16 c18 Gary
I can't see why these are less popular. I really can not find anything wrong with these two stories. They were good.
1/16 c18 Guest
Damn fine story. I'm really looking forward to the third of the series.
I've really enjoyed reading all of your stories so far. Sadly, there's only one more left but I'll continue reading any new chapters or stories posted.
1/14 c18 ffntfy456
Great story, I enjoyed every single chapter. Harry and Diana ending up together was a nice touch.
1/14 c18 ev11
It took a while to get around to reviewing this!
But hopefully better late than never!

First things, this and your other updates made a fantastic Christmas and new years treat. It's a little corny to say but it made an empty house feel warmer. So thank you for putting in the effort!

Regarding the story. I've never really been a fan of the comic universes. I'm aware of them, watched some of the cartoons as a kid, and seen a few movie adaptations, but nothing more in depth like the official books or fanfictions.
But your crossovers managed to rekindle some of the childlike enthusiasm, while being an adult believable story without going all gritty grim dark realism like some interpretations that I've seen online before but never partook of, aside from the occasional power swaps in worm fanfiction.

So bravo in writing a world where someone with almost no knowledge of half of the crossover was able to get engrossed and not lose their place in the story!

If this is one of your less read works, then consider only that we all really really like what you've been doing with Middle Earth! And I'll certainly review those just as highly when I re-read the most recent chapters.

So I will certainly be on the look out for the continuing adventures of Harry into the comic verse and the sure to be entertaining love triangle between Harry and his two paramours! Even if it comes at the cost of writing time for my favorite re-imaginings of Tolkien world, as much as that hurts to say!
1/14 c18 2Lord Crane
So I know you say these are some of your less popular stories, but I for one am a fan. They're very well written in this reader's opinion, and the world building and attention to detail you put in is absolutely fantastic. It's also pretty great how you can fit in lesser known characters and do good by them, I think this is there only story I've yet seen that utilizes Herpo besides I one I've been plotting out and likely will never get around to writing. You rock, good sir.
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