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1/12 c18 5Fallen Gods Rise
Just finished this and it was another great story you really manage to balance the characters well and keep them as themselves. I was expecting Neville to be healed by Diana's lasso since it forces people to remember/confront their true selves but she never found out about him to make the offer.

I can't believe you didn't bring Hagrid in for the trip to Drear I'd have loved to see what he made of a Quintaped (you're right criminally underused) or what Diana would make of him. I just have this image of him being flustered by a princess in his hut and offering her tea and rock cakes and Diana just munches through them with effortless grace and decorum much to Harry's shock.

Anyway I assume the next one will be either Harry joins the JL or the Statute falls (which thinking about it seems pretty apocalyptic) either way I'm looking forward to reading it when it's done and thank you for your efforts in writing this and your other stories.
1/10 c18 Vuduman5
Yet another wonderful story. I read all 18 chapters, I just enjoy this version of Harry, with the influence from detective stories, it’s just really thrilling to read. Thank you for sharing with us!
1/9 c18 I am me
Thanks for writing. It was a pleasure to read. It might not be your most popular story, but it's one of my favorites :)
1/9 c18 Thanatos007
Okay so I’ve just finished binge reading this series, and wow. This series has had me so excited to read every new chapter. It’s honestly the fanfic I’ve been searching for, for ages. Your story telling skills are extraordinary and it’s been such a blast to read. I absolutely can’t wait for your next instalment in this series. Thanks so much for all your hard work it really does mean a lot to find such enjoyable works to devour. Hope you and your loved ones are safe and well in this time. Thanks again!
1/9 c18 davidsurmava
Thank you for writing. I'm kind of sad that the story is over although i'm happy there'll be another. As always, loved the newest chapter and loved the story as a whole
1/8 c14 1MakhaiArcanum
It was really good to come back to this story and find out you had finished! I’m loving this cross over series you’re doing, and a few of your other stories as well. Thanks for your hard work making this!

Also, was that bit about children of Ares on the east coast of America a Percy Jackson Easter egg? Demigods probably wouldn’t stand up all that well against the powers of the DC heroes and the wizards lol.
1/8 c18 Guest
Really loved this story. There aren't many good DC fics, and especially not when combined with a HP crossover, so it's a real pleasure to see you pulling off these amazing stories. The way you manage to blend the HP world with DC super heroes is a joy to read and I can't wait for more.
1/7 c18 Rebel-Keiki
Thank you for another wonderful story! I originally started reading your stories for Shadow of Angmar, but I decided to try Kicking Gotham when I kept getting your update emails. I didn't start reading it until you published probably the last 2 chapter or so because I originally thought the crossover combo sounded pretty dumb (sorry!), but I decided to give it a shot as I love your Angmar writing and story weaving. And boy am I glad I did! You do a wonderful job of incorporating the wizarding world with the DC universe (which I am only familiar with from the animated shows from a decade ago) and not making it seem forced or bulky. And I also really appreciate that you make a different DC character the main character from the 1st story to the 2nd. There are so many heroes to choose from! I don't even know where to go from here, so I'll just say that I am eagerly looking forward to your next installment. (And please don't let lower viewers for these crossovers deter you from making another! (And don't forget Shadow of Angmar!))
1/7 c18 7Calen
This should be one of your most popular stories! It certainly is mine! Can't wait to see what you do next.

Down the line one like the dc animated end to the flash point paradox.
1/6 c18 Guest
Man I hope the next one isn’t the last because I’ve really enjoyed both stories in your series so far. You’ve a talent for crossovers!
1/6 c18 boyo77
Amazing story as always. It’s good to see the characters develop and not just be perfect. You do amazing work. Thank you for sharing it
1/5 c18 Guest
Don't know why, but I'm getting a strong Dan Brown vibe from your stories - and they're great! Really looking forward to what you have in store next.
1/4 c18 Guest
Loved it, hope Harry gets a lasting relationship though
1/4 c18 metaridley18
Probably only less popular due to less overall time kicking around on the internet being recommended. I found this whole thing fantastic and the interplay between Harry and Diana has been perfect, realistic, and true to both their characters. I definitely wouldn't mind a third with a little more time behind it-this one has felt like a frantic go-cart ride, which can be both good and bad. It was ultimately satisfying and well characterized, so I like what you've done in this crossover space!

Thanks so much for the continued writing and I look forward to the conclusion of the trilogy!
1/4 c18 Curiously Wandering
Truly awesome story, I appreciate the maturity of the plot.
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