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for Kamen Rider Zi-O: Revised Hyper battle ZO & J

10/14 c1 1merendinoemiliano
Very cool shot, sorry if I noticed this just now. See you soon.
9/13 c1 24DS Rider
Okay I know these guys can be foolish but you would thought that by now they would have realised that the Showa rider watches would have gone missing by now
9/13 c1 108vikung-fu
Always great to see more of the '90s movie Riders! (_)
9/12 c1 1Bahamut0
Nice new schedule with the hyper battle specials being posted on the weekends now. Now I've got two times the stories to look forward to during the week! Great job on this special! You guys really hit your stride with making the Another Riders be twisted perversions of their original counterparts.
9/12 c1 MKDemiGodzilla-Warrior
Well, that was a fun hyper battle. A bit odd how ZO is called the "Nature's Guardian" since I don't recall much environmental stuff in his movie. That seems more like J, but then again, it has been quite some time since I seen either of them, so I'm probably misremembering them. Also, I really don't get why they don't seem to recognize the Showa Riders' ride watches being missing. Do the Quartzers make them forget they ever had them or something? Kind of an odd decision there.
9/12 c1 Dragon Rider 66
hmm, well it was certainly interesting at least, though a bit sad that Woz didn't have much of a role here and stuff; here's hoping for the Amazonz hyper battle.
9/12 c1 5Shooting Star Dragon 3000
Remember kids: don't leave around toxic waste, otherwise a time traveling psycho will make monsters out of it.

Next time on hyper battle: we've met the suns child, the "monster", now the dynamic duo, all that's left is... ALPHA, OMEGA

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