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9/25 c15 Amymikk
Wow she pregnant never expected that but so happy. I’m glad she’s alright and will make a full recovery a good on Johnny for letting Roy go first actually using his brain for once. Can’t wait for Carla to wake up and notice she’s pregnant just hope all is okay and I hope she can make up with Michelle. X
9/25 c15 CarlaConnor Lover
Wow the whole chapter every time a doctor was there I kept hoping that they'd tell Frank that Carla is pregnant so it is very typical isn’t it that they tell him at the end after she's had major surgery! I am so so so glad that Carla and hopefully the baby too is okay and I cannot wait to see Frank and Carla's reaction to the unexpected news that this chapter has brought xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/23 c14 Amymikk
I really hope she doesn’t die I was crying at this chapter god knows what I would be like. James is the Scrooge that ruined Christmas. X
9/23 c13 Amymikk
Img wow what a frantic scene thank god he’s been arrested but I really hope Carla is alright. X
9/22 c14 CarlaConnor Lover
I loved loved loved how mostly of this chapter was just all figments of Frank's imagination with little tiny bits of reality trying to slip through and it is very handy I find to know from the first chapter that Carla will not die! So I can't wait to find out what happens next xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/22 c13 CarlaConnor Lover
I certainly wasn't expecting that and don't apologise for updating! I cannot believe that Carla has just been stabbed by the man who raped her I hope that she'll be okay xxx
9/22 c12 CarlaConnor Lover
This chapter is really really lovely and I am so glad that Ann and Sam have made-up as Katherine seems really nice! I love Carla and Ann's relationship in this and I can't wait to see what happens next xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/22 c12 Amymikk
Great chapter and I’m glad Kate and the family have cleared the air too life is too short. I’m glad Carla is recovering well from the attack and frank is there for her and hopefully the wedding goes without any hiccups. X
9/22 c11 Amymikk
I’m so glad Carla said yes and they are happy I can’t wait for the wedding. X
9/21 c11 CarlaConnor Lover
Wow well this certainly cleared things up a bit I must say! I am so glad that Carla and Frank are engaged and that they are moving on past the horrific attack that happened to Carla. I hope that Ann and Sam will be okay and get past what has just happened and I cannot wait to see what happens next xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
9/16 c10 Amymikk
Aww great chapter and I really love frank and carlas relationship but why did he invite kate and Jonny why isn’t Roy and Hayley there too. X
9/16 c10 CarlaConnor Lover
This chapter is just amazing although I didn’t like the fact that Frank invited Johnny out with them as he doesn’t deserve to even be in the same place as Carla let alone the same restaurant for the same mark he should’ve invited Roy and Hayley instead of Johnny and Kate xxx
9/16 c9 Amymikk
Loved this chapter and why is Michelle been so bitchy all of a sudden Carla has done nothing wrong. Bless frank to wanting to marry Carla. I hope she says yes. X
9/16 c8 Amymikk
Wow! drama drama drama I don’t like how they have all turned on Michael instead of arguing they need to stick together. I’m glad frank got Carla to do the examination and let’s just hope it comes back she hasn’t been. X
9/15 c9 CarlaConnor Lover
Ahh okay right I get it now thanks for all clearing that up! I’m pleased that Carla is managing to cope with all that has happened to her in the recent months and is now slowly but surely coming out the the other side of the tunnel xxx
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