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9/18 c1 21Bonnie Sveen Fan
This was cute, glad Fletch had Ange's support.
9/15 c1 hc-fletchard
I love this- it’s one of the most heartwarming things I have ever read and is really good to fill the absence of Holby from our lives. Keep writing- it’s so good.
9/15 c1 2waterl00writings
Wow! This is so good. I love the way you empathised with both characters and you portrayed their relationship really well.
9/12 c1 Guest
I love this! Your writing is great and I’d love to read more Fletchard :)
9/14 c1 1ohmygodard
“opening up is a strength not a weakness” EXACTLY FLETCH LISTEN TO YOUR WOMAN SHE IS VERY WISE! Lovely lovely fic of a lovely lovely couple 3 missing holby a lot thank you for providing a bit of holby in its absence, excited to see what you write next!
9/14 c1 32IseultLaBelle
Aww this was so lovely! I love the way you write their relationship, the descriptive sections worked with the dialogue so well. You had nothing to worry about at all, I'd love to see you write more!
9/13 c1 georgiathornhill
This is really lovely. Brilliant detail. Definitely continue writing. Maybe try some Chloe and Ange as well.

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