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for Japan's Dying Light

10/19 c1 2BrotherCaptainSheperd
Hmmm.. I only have an issue with the exclamations and curses that they use. Wouldn't they say Kami and not OMG or JHC? Those are English curses and so the Japanese won't use them seeing as they are Shinto
9/24 c3 pyrojack25
What was Zach doing Harran anyway? Off to see The Scorpion in action? At least before this anyway. Like you said the city was blockaded the moment word got out, so he had to have been there for a reason.

Shido becoming a problem within the next few months. Yeah I can see that especially without that EMP causing trouble. (Thanks for that Mr. President) Especially his disgusting view on women and survival. Unless you decide to weed him out early.

This is the first day of the outbreak, so I wouldn't be too comfy with how stupid these zombies are compared to Harran. After all this is just the beginning. (Not you directly, your guy)
9/24 c3 57Perseus12
I always wanted to strangling that bloody manipulative teacher Shido! Stay remained healthy and strong everyone!
9/24 c3 calderoneric758
So will anyone from dying light appear bezides a name reference and please tell someone will get the angel sword upgrade and will there be upgraded guns and for the pairing who's getting who
9/18 c2 pyrojack25
Hopefully you'll stick to one story for a bit, without ditching by 2 chapters. :P

It feels to me the zombies here act similarly to the sequel. Dull as a plastic knife during the day, but dangerous in a Dark Zone. I'd imagine Shido will be having a bad day once the chapter pops up. It ain't drama if no one notices it. Curiously I feel the country only knew it was a plague than a zombie outbreak when Harran was exposed. It's been awhile since I've played it. :P
9/18 c2 SurotoFall
I really like the story so far! I must say I was surprised when I saw a crossover between one of my favourite animes and games. I like the more realistic story changes you are making by having Zach being there with former experience. Weird question but do we get to see lewd scenes in the future (like handholding yknow , get your head out of the gutter). Anyway good luck in writing the next chapters!
9/17 c2 Dcraus
Hey there idea crossover for you.
Rising of the Shield Hero and Re:Zero crossover
9/17 c2 calderoneric758
Idea ever thought of Zack getting better gear say steel toe water proof boots or military backpack with arm guards for protctions from biters later on if not just saying ideas to help and will any dlc from fyi g light be mentioned maybe some hints from the following ezcept for ending were cure finally appeared so instead of a nuke destroying haran or crane becoming the last stage of th3 infected
9/15 c1 I really thought
I really thought you were dead and it’s been two years you ass Clown but it’s good to have you back.
9/14 c1 Guest
Sorry I tried to say Missed you(no homo)
9/14 c1 The muslim
Oh my god Im glad your back I really missed homo
9/13 c1 pyrojack25
This should be interesting. Givens Japan's history with Firearms there's no way they're going to be fighting Volatiles with those. Plus there's a good chance the recently turned are out there.

And you're right, just because you have experience with some terrible s***, doesn't mean you know everything. People will die no matter what he does. Speaking of Volatiles, how long does it take for them to come around?
9/13 c1 1Scatman SSJohn EX
Holy shit! This is really exciting, you made it back to the depths of Fanfiction I hope this gets continued at least to like 6 additional chapters before you take a hiatus.

Will the Harran Virus still linger somewhere despite everything that has occurred in the past.

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