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10/18 c6 33IseultLaBelle
This was wonderful! I love the way you’re creating Chloe’s world and her interactions in and out of school, this chapter added so much depth to her character as a teenager. I really hope Ange notices something’s wrong, but whatever you do with this next I’m sure it will be amazing! Can’t wait to read more!
10/9 c5 1hc-fletchard
This is so good! You’re really good at taking Chloe’s internal thoughts and putting them into words. It’s also really interesting to see her teachers pick up on the fact that something is up and I am really enjoying the crossover. I can’t wait to read more!
Em :)
10/9 c5 33IseultLaBelle
Again, I'm so sorry for the late review! But this was wonderful. You get inside Chloe's head so well and I love the way you blend her inner narrative with the dialogue and what's going on around her. I hope she feels able to talk to Ange about how she's feeling properly soon but at the same time I am loving thee angst! Please keep writing!
10/8 c5 Guest
This is amazing! Please keep writing!
9/28 c1 Guest
This was amazing! You’re so talented and whilst I don’t know much Waterloo road I’m loving how you’re tying the two together, It’s so clever! I really love the two girls relationship, I’d love to see this explored more, especially if Chloe’s SH comes to light!

G x (writerofholby, I am on my phone and couldn’t be bothered to log in!)
9/28 c4 1hc-fletchard
Oh my gosh I love it. My heart is breaking. I love reading teen Chloe and I can’t wait for the next chapter. :)
9/28 c3 33IseultLaBelle
First of all, thank you SO much for posting so regularly! I’m so sorry you uploaded faster than I managed to get to reading your last chapter, I’ve had a friend staying and I’ve been quite busy but I just caught up with both chapters and this is as wonderful as ever. I think you’ve done a great job merging the two shows from a Holby perspective, and I love how your write teen Chloe, she’s absolutely true to Chloe on the show but does feel like she’s a teenager. My heart just breaks for her, I hope she’s able to tell someone why she’s so upset soon but I am also loving the angst! I can’t wait to see where you take this next, please keep writing!
9/25 c3 1ohmygodard
I’m behind so have just read chapters 2&3 (sorry!) but I’m really enjoying this! My heart breaks for Chloe, that homework coming just at the wrong time. I hope she feels she can open up to Ange eventually but if I know Chloe she’ll bottle it up for a good while yet. This was a really good insight into Chloe’s headspace, I’m worried for her! Looking forward to your next update!
9/23 c3 1hc-fletchard
Love this update! Can’t wait for more :)
9/22 c3 2godxrd
I love this! I cannot wait for more!
9/21 c2 4Bethxxx0409
I love this so much. It’s so emotional!
9/18 c2 21Bonnie Sveen Fan
I'm enjoying the story so far, it's good that Chloe has a friend in Carrie. I like the relationship Chloe and her mum have. I also like your profile pic, it's cute. Looking forward to more.
9/17 c2 33IseultLaBelle
I’m so sorry, I meant to leave you a review last night but I got home stupidly late and I completely forgot! This was another brilliant chapter, I love the glimpses into Chloe’s thoughts and it’s so heartbreaking to see how much of an effect Ange’s revelation is having on her already. Really looking forward to seeing Chloe at school! I’m sure wherever you take this next will be brilliant.
9/16 c2 1hc-fletchard
Oh my days I love this so much and I am really excited to see where you take it. I’ve read it so many times already and love it more every time.
9/14 c1 1ohmygodard
This was a really great first chapter, I’m always keen to read other people’s interpretations of the Godard’s backstory, so looking forward to seeing where you take this !
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