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8/29 c15 Look2021
Great Chapter.
3/6 c2 1ExiledLagacy
Umm, that was very anticlimactic...
1/15 c15 3RonaldM40196867
That’s fun.
1/15 c14 RonaldM40196867
Good family.
1/10 c13 Captain Imaginat
What I meant to type was can you have Dean, Sam, Castiel and Jack fight Roswaal and kill him.
1/7 c13 Captain Imaginat
Also can you have Dean, Sam, Jack and Castiel expose all of Roswaal's crimes to the Roylal Court making everyone there lose all their respect and trust him and hate him for those.
1/7 c13 Captain Imaginat
Also can you have Dean, Sam, Jack and Castiel also give Roswaal a enormous The Reason You Suck Speech on his irresponsibility and his refusal to admit it or come clean and confess it.
1/7 c13 Captain Imaginat
Also can you have Dean give Emilia all the strength she needs in the trials, give her the confidence she needs, be there for her, comfort her, give her a massive speech telling her that she's Way Much Better Than She thinks, encourage to ignore Echidna's hateful words to her, tell her to believe in herself and listen to her own voice, encourage her to never give up and keep on going, tell her to be strong and brave, given her lots of determination, help her out, stand up for herself and tell Echidna that her comments about her mean nothing, tell her that she can do and that only her thoughts on herself, her words about herself and her confidence and self-steem that she has much more deep down inside matters. also what I meant to type was Ram's unhealthy love for Roswaal seems to be adapted out in this adaptation. Also can you Dean, Sam, Castiel nd Jack tell Roswaal that his so called intelligence and cunning is really just his overelliance on the Gospel Book and not his own in their The Reason You Suck Speech to him

Also is Death form Supernatural going to appearing in Re: Supernatural Life In an Alternate World and kill roswaala nd destroy his soul or are Sam, Dean, Jack and Castiel going to be the ones to kill roswaal. If so can you have Death appear and murder Roswaal and obliterate either of just having Dean, Sam, Jack and Castiel destroy Roswaal and his soul or making Death appear and do the job of slaughtering Roswaal and eradicating his soul is fine by me you can do it either way. Also if Death appears will he annihilate Satella for good too?
1/7 c13 Captain Imaginat
Can you have Dean, Sam, Jack and Castiel gift Roswaal, give him a massive The Reason you Suck Speech for his actions, motives, personality, sanctimoniousness, plans, lack of responsibility for his actions, inability to have empathy, guilt or remorse for his crimes, the levels he's willing to sink to, his cowardice, his inability to move on from losing a loved one, his frequent living in the past, his obsession with Echidna, his pettiness, his psychological projection of himself onto others, his narcissism, his sleaziness, his cruelty, emotional manipulation and blackmail, his sense of entitlement, his frivolous and pointless goal of getting revenue on the Holy Dragon, his abuse of power, his two-faced nature, his corruption, his inability to realize what an awful person, his so called good deeds that are really for personal gain, his willingness to slaughter children, his neglect of protecting his people, his lands and his own home from his inactions, his childless, his greed, his mistreatment of others, his demotic violence eon people, his lack of humanity or a conscience, his weaseling his way into power and respect, his selfishness, his single-minded ambition and short sighted goals, his unhealthy lust for Echidna, his inability to know what ten really is, his eagerness to abandon and / or sell out others for his own agenda, his willingness to betray others including his own loved ones, his rotten to the core and depraved personality, how many injustices and crimes he committed, his reluctance to confess to his crimes and atone for him, how delusional he is, how much of a vile and redeemable scumbag he is, his hubris, arrogance and ego, his overconfidence, how he deceived everyone despite being so blatantly untrustworthy and sinister, his crookedness, his wickedness, his insanity and lack of normal functions mind, his lack of humility, how lowdown he is, his underhandedness how much the world would be a way better place without him and shouldn't even have him.

Not only that but in their The Reason You Suck Speech have them tell him that for all his power, intelligence and prestige he's nothing more than a incredibly pathetic, miserable, revolting, sniveling, good for nothing, no good, wretched, deplorable, worthless, craven, sick, twisted, psychotic, filthy, horrid and childish abomination that should of never been born and that he is one of the slimeballs, creeps, lowlives and pieces of garbage to exist in this world or any other world and that his plan is to nothing more than him basically being a spoiled brat whose whining about not getting what he wants, showing that he's unable to get over his loss of Echidna, he hasn't grown at all, he can't move on form the past and can't accept her death in the slightest and that him trying make people ( including Dean himself) into himself is really nothing more than him trying to change the past and pathetically and foolishly live through others as well as for all his having people go through the totals he's not in the least capable of doing them and completing himself proving that he's nothing more than a complete walking on the inside who isn't as powerful and strong as he appears. Not only that be he's Alsop has way too self-pity and gripes about what happen to him in the past like a colossal crybaby who can't take care of himself and that he's downright incapable of seeing their's so much more to life than reuniting and being with Echidna and that he is a reckless and utter moron who carelessly and willingly endangers himself just to needlessly get what he wants without even bothering to take care of himself as well as that he's an incredibly petulant child who hasn't matured in the least and constantly lives in the past without thinking about his future nor the present. Not only that but also tell him that all of his plots and schemes are just so he can wastefully lick all over Echidna and salivate over her again.

Also can you have them tell Roswaal that even if he succeeds in reviving Echidna it will be all for nothing pointing out that she doesn't love or care about making his victory fruitless and in the end he'll lose anywaysmenajng he'll still be one of the biggest loses in this world. can you have Dean, Sam, Jack and Castiel kill Roswaal and destroy his soul for good or have them expose Roswaal for the outright scoundrel he is to the royal court of Kingdom Of Lugnicia, show them all the evidence they gathered up of what he was plotting to do, have him lose his all of his respect, power, wealth, influence, titles, rank, status and luxuries, be branded as a criminal, traitor and complete fraud, sentenced to execution and have his soul obliterated and banished form Lugnicia forever and if he tries escaping have Dean, Castiel, Sam and Jack catch him, corner him, beat him up to a complete bloody pulp and brutally killed with his soul annihilated so he won't get off Scott free form his crimes and atrocities and that he won't cause despair and chaos to this world ever again. Also in this adaptation Ram is a double agent for The Winchester Brothers, Castiel, Jack and the rest of Emilia's camp ( minus Roswaal) woking against him and showing respect to the Winchester Brothers, Castiel and Jack as well as her healthy obsessive love for Roswaal is somehow adapted out. Also in this chapter 13 and 12 Emilia's camp ( including Emilia, the Winchester Brothers, Castiel and Jack) has lost all of their trust in Roswaal, is working together to stop him and end his reign once and for all, hate him and are against him and his plans as well as want t end his life and get rid of him for the sake of Emilia's world and the safety and wellbeing of all of it's people.
1/8 c13 RonaldM40196867
Trials are overrated.
12/29/2020 c12 RonaldM40196867
Thanks, Dean.
12/27/2020 c1 25king carlos
Just a tip, from one writer to another. please get Grammarly, it helps a lot with punctuation and gramar, two things that could be improved in this fic.

It has a lot of potential, but the way it is now makes it hard to read and understand what is going on.
11/20/2020 c11 3RonaldM40196867
That's nice.
11/20/2020 c10 RonaldM40196867
Memories can never be taken away.
11/20/2020 c9 RonaldM40196867
Let's not get all worked up.
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