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for Re: Live To Forget

9/20/2020 c1 CheekiBreeki
Anuu cheeki breeki! a new stalker crossover!

Oppa! continue my good man, dont dissapoint us!
9/20/2020 c1 Monolith-Man
Jesus this should be good, instead of meeting pretty girls and become a isekai character, he end up become a stalker where real fricking man should try experience the harsh of the zone. And you pick up the right stalker series aswell. Most of fanfiction crossover pick up etheir after the events of call of pripyat or some generic random nonsense crossover but you however pick up where it should be!

Right soo the fat man sidorovich will take two newly accuired stalker, one an amnesiac strelok (lol people already knew this) and one a japanese boy who need accuired some training of weaponary. I could image what funny antics he going in but some time seeing the horror and harsh of the zone.
9/19/2020 c1 14Brandon Vortex
This is good! The shoc is one of my favorite, and I wanna see how far this story goes. Keep it up man
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