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10/23 c5 anwesha.pradhan1999
Amazing story. Your writing style is great. I was always trying to find a Kakashi Naruto hurt comfort story. This is the best one. Do update soon
10/21 c5 14tabjoy13
Ah, Inner-Sakura, now THERE'S a concern.

Honestly, Kakashi shouldn't. There are enough people who have problems in the Leaf without mentioning his own. Then again, who's going to volunteer that information when it could mean the end of their career? [casts my mind about for options] Anko is teaching now right? I don't think she does field work anymore so that might be fine. Guy is out of the field, and expressing his feelings isn't far out of his wheelhouse. Kurenai is inactive, I believe, but I doubt she'd admit that there's a problem. Hm, that's a pretty short list...
10/21 c5 Staircase142
Kakashi is so noble.
10/4 c4 1miverse
i really love your story telling! Kakashi channeling his inner Hermione to deal with Naruto is one of a kind, can't wait for the next chapter
10/3 c4 14tabjoy13
Mom-Kakashi would totally have kunai all over his apron.

Oh Naruto, when has Kakashi not been supportive? [remembers the first time Naruto tries to hug Kakashi, Kakashi tells him to not wrinkle his vest or something in the anime (looks it up in the manga) ah yes, Kakashi tells him to get off and to not embarrass him]. Oh right, yeah, well, nobody's perfect? Kakashi's my boy, that doesn't mean he's always right.

To be fair to Iruka, telling Naruto that Jiraiya would be proud of him did make Naruto feel better. "Cheer up" probably wouldn't have been my go-to phrase though. Considering what else was going on in the story at the time, they had to rush through any actual emotion reaction and recovery to get back to the fallout of Sasuke getting away (again) and a war starting. And if we start picking apart every time the characters in Naruto SHOULD have had more long-term reactions to big emotional moments, we'll be here all week.

So they're like, survival instinct panic attacks? It reminds me of when people I knew in college would get a bad cold or something immediately after finals were over. It was like their bodies knew that they had time to rest now. I always chalked that up as a sort of survival instinct, but I'm sure there are fancy terms for the phenomena. Anyway, your friend can sort of delay the storm until they're relatively safe, it's like a survival instinct.
10/3 c4 Jummper
thank you for update.
9/30 c3 Psycho Karma
Ahhh I’m so glad there’s a continuation of wide gray skies! I loved that fic, but I’m starting to love this fic more because Kakashi’s relationships with Naruto and Sakura are precious.
9/22 c3 Erin So Ares
Siempre es agradable leer un nuevo capítulo
9/20 c3 Staircase142
Watching naruto and sakura trying to behelpful is like watching someone try to figure out how to shake someone's hand correctly. Two types of aws aw cute and aw poor you. I hope kakashi is writing letters to his therapist or something, and hermione is bossing up atm.
9/20 c3 2Lairenna
Only do what you can! I'm not sure if you meant for Kakashi to have a deliberately improper form of speech to get the point across, but he does say "the village don't need someone" or if it was meant to be "doesn't need someone."

Anyways, I hope the meds line up in a good way this coming week and wish you the best.
9/20 c3 14tabjoy13
A plan is better than no plan. And considering Naruto has rarely seen Kakashi as anything besides put together, his shock is understandable.

Do they not think of Yamato as Kakashi's friend? Or is Yamato off with Orochimaru in this universe? Because (little rant about canon here) that seems like a good way to reward Yamato after his service and trauma about being captured and tortured into giving out vital intelligence, make him watch the guy who experimented on him. Good job Leaf Village!
9/20 c2 Nutella Man
I can't stop smiling and this is your fault.
9/20 c2 2Lairenna
I was so blown away by wide grey skies... never read a fanfoc that hit those awful, sore points so truthfully and realistically. I was so ecstatic to see you were still writing sequels for it because I'm sure I'm not the only one sad that he left Hermione. (Because we all want a happy ending)
9/15 c2 Jummper
that's make me sad, when i think someone who close to Kakashi not even know something off(?) about they sensei (I know i can't blame because he is ninja or wtv, but well ... uh that remind some people in real life).

Hohoho i will wait Naruto and Sakura found out about Hermione (rubbing hand intensifies) but ... should i prepare tissue for future chapter/ending?
9/15 c2 14tabjoy13
Kakashi always gave his praise sparingly, but that made it more meaningful.

Question: earlier it was mentioned that Kakashi was reading a book in a foreign language but the prescription is in something Sakura can read? Did I already forget how the language barriers work in this universe? [facepalms]

It's interesting how, even after Kakashi dies in canon, Naruto and Sakura still have this level of belief that Kakashi is their untouchable, dependable sensei. It's sweet but also kind of sad. Most kids reach a point in their lives where they realize that their parents are people too (and shockingly don't have it all together). Naruto and Sakura just...don't? I can't tell if that's a failure in the writing of the canon or if they simply refuse to let go of that last sliver of their childhood.
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