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9/15 c3 683mary.okeeffe.16
This isn't half bad, I liked that Emma and Ferb are getting cuddly and I wish Buford behaves himself
9/15 c9 LionHeartDoxa404
Awwwwwwwwwwww! Kinda sad that it’s ended but thank you for this story! Nice and refreshing and glad that Phineas and the gang became closer!
9/15 c8 LionHeartDoxa404
Phineas’ internal breakdown moved me to tears
IRL it happens all too often. Luckily he wasn’t alone and managed to open his heart more to Isabella!
9/15 c7 LionHeartDoxa404
Oh no... I can only imagine what those bunnies were thinking when they got summoned in front of a pack of wolves haha!
9/15 c6 LionHeartDoxa404
So happy Isabella’s ok! They only just got together! Haha.
The story’s moving along quite nicely!
9/15 c5 LionHeartDoxa404
Haha that make out session with Ferb and Emma was
And I really like this adventure they’re heading into. Getting those Jumanji vibes
9/15 c3 LionHeartDoxa404
Haha yes! I love this fluff!They’re just so cute together!
9/15 c9 mary.okeeffe.16
I'm glad Phineas is okay.
9/14 c1 mary.okeeffe.16
9/14 c2 LionHeartDoxa404
Great story so far! Yeah Buford's not wrong, bullying is a part of school unfortunately. But his dynamic with Baljeet makes it so funny!
I wonder how popular a School-themed theme park is IRL haha!
I'm super excited to see where Phinabella and Ferma (or Ferbma?) goes in the next chapter! And I like that you didn't forget about Candice and her relationship with the mysterious force as it makes it feel like an episode from the original writers!
Expecting all the fluff next! :D :D :D
9/13 c1 LionHeartDoxa404
Such a cute first chapter! Loving the Phineas x Isabella and Ferb x Emma ships! Can’t wait to see how this develops? And I need FLUFF!

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