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for Team Toka

5/20 c10 dragon44pride
3/25 c9 Guest
My condolences. The author has done a hiatus on everything. She might be dead.
3/26 c10 Nexlon
Right in the feels :(

Amazing chapter that really makes you feel for them.
3/26 c10 3RonaldM40196867
Yeah, nice singing.
3/26 c10 Cam.Katarn
Is Toka pregnant?
2/6 c8 dragon44pride
What if Jugo was living on the coastline of Uzushiogakure after fleeing Orochimaru?
1/28 c9 Guest
This is definitely one of the best Naruto OC stories that I've read so far! As for the plot, I hope you'll write something about the chunin exams/konoha crush because seriously, I need that Toshio (he's my favorite!) angst when the team meets/fights Tobirama and Hashirama's reanimations.

Can't wait for your next update!
1/29 c9 Trillian1228
I vote for team 7! With Iruka! Because Naruto and Iruka both have roots in Uzushio, so it only makes sense for them.

I also like how blunt Toka is, especially with Kakashi. He needs it.
1/27 c9 7Oddity Empress
Aww dang I missed the deadline. Just found this gem of a story and have come to really love it. If I had found this earlier I would have voted team gai. Would have a really great introduction to see how all the YOUTH IS A BEAUTIFUL THING!
1/23 c9 Alpha wolf ML
Team seven please
1/21 c9 Seankurt
Team 7
1/20 c9 Zooming Avid Reader
Team Seven
1/20 c9 DanteShindo
I think Team 7 definitely has to go to Uzu! It'll help them to see how bad a war could get.
1/20 c9 Kimaris
I find it very unlikely that Team 7 would or should be allowed on this mission. Their original first C rank was just a normal escort of a supposedly low priority target to a poor, weakened country. A trip to Uzushio with the very very high priority targets that are team Toka is a pretty significant difference. The village should want to protect team Toka just as or even more than team 7, so putting 2 of their most important teams on this same mission on their own is an incredibly risky decision. I would send team Toka with a full ANBU squad for protection (So Tenzo, Yugao, and some OC ANBU?). Sending team Gai is a bit of a stretch since they are still a Genin team, however, Gai alone could probably handle any threat they may encounter, so they are also a viable option.
1/20 c9 3RonaldM40196867
That's fun.
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